Interviewing Grace

By: Erika A. Lopez

Interiewing Gace

This is Erika Lopez interviewing Grace Untoka from Surviving Antartica.Shes good with animals and she has her own clinic. Also she is a Inupiat Eskimo.

Q:When you found out you where going on the expidition how did you feel like?

A:first I was scared but and then when the torist came they were saying that I was a Hopi and not a Inupiat Eskimos. That really fustrated me and that was kink of mean to say.

Q:Why when you where in the expidition didn't want to talk alot?

A:Mostly because I was shy because I dont know any body.

Q:Why do you think you were chosen for this trip to antartica?

A:I don't think I know. They pickd me because I lived in a cold place like antartica.

Q:How did you feel when you heard that one of your members of the ship can stand the cold?

A:Well I thought that me and him have alot in coman because I live in cold and he can stand cold.

Q:Why did you name all the dogs after dinosaurs?

A:Well you might know because the book says so i'll reapeat"They found the bones of a dinosaur on our reservation a few years ago"

Q:How did it make you feel that Milky was dead?

A:I felt sad that I couldn't help Milky.

Q:Why do you think Andrew got picked to go on this trip?

A:I have no idea because most of the time he watches TV.

Q:Where do you think the camera crew is Grace?

A:I think they are sneaking around us.

Ms. Jabasso(Hot Sause)

I think the Surviving Antartica trip is a good idea because kids go to antartica like scott did. That show is entertaining and wew will go back in buisiness and get lts of money.I also think the corneal implant is a brilliant idea because we can watch the kids all the time with them noticing so they do random things. Plus there will be less dead people without the camera crew.Also because if there is someone helping them will that be like scotts expedition no he did it all by himself.When people watch this the president will get money and that means me too. Yeah.