Crucible - john proctor

By Jose and Tj

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How does John Proctors reputation help him deal with situationas?

  1. John feels that his reputation is on the line, because abigail and him had an affair. When abigail comes to him saying that she waits for him at night, he feels like it was all a mistake. he is also known as a non christian man and if it goes out that he is an adulterer it will hurt his reputation.

  2. when abigail starts talking to him about the past when they had an affair while all the witch stuff is going on i'm sure john feels that the truth will come out sooner or later if she threatens his wife.

  3. John holds his ground and tells abigail no. and even tho she gets mad at him he doesn't give up and his reputation is still good for now.

John proctors actions show that people will do whatever it takes to depend their name. even if there are temptations that might make you ruin your reputation.
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What is john proctors power?

John proctor has the power to stop abigail and all her friends, but the only way he can do that is by ruining his own reputation. He can say that abigail and him had an affair, that way everyone knowing she isn't a saint as she makes out to be,but if he does then his reputation will be ruined. He will be known as the adulterer, his kids and wife would be shunned.
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