Cult Geo Unit 2

Savannah Poole

Section 1: Analysis

People migrate for different reasons, to go to a new school, move to a new home or move somewhere for a new job. Humans create groups, people all have different groups of friends because they might feel comfortable or they all have the same interest. People could have different personality's but still be in the same friend group because they have something in common and they are good together.

Section 2: Application

Humans migrate to where there is work (jobs) so they can provide for themselves and their families. Another reason why people move is to get closer to stores and employment. People come from different countries to the United states mostly for economic reasons. Countries have many different cultural backgrounds such as their beliefs, religion, their foods and their manner of dress.

Power shifting between social groups could happen if people move to get closer to their jobs. The power can shift when a large population of immigrants come into the country and they take out jobs. This has a negative effect because immigrants are taking Americans jobs, witch means there are less jobs available for U.S citizens.

Section 3: Transfer

People migrate for different reasons. They move to find better jobs or they might move somewhere where they can afford stuff for there families. Humans create cultural mosaics because i lived in Deer field and then i moved to Derry. I went to a new school it was difficult not knowing anyone and now I am more than half way through the school year and I have a nice group of friends.

Humans balance the forces of cooperation and conflict among different social groups because they might not get along with that person or if they do like that person. The conflict about different social groups are if that person does not fit in or if they have nothing in common. The cooperation part is when people might have things in common or if they speak the same language.

I was apart of the peasant group, we were poor and we had to figure out how to live being like a peasant. Power shifting between social groups is when different groups of people move from place to place and the power goes to different places. Power shifting happened during the game because there was conflict and cooperation. The conflict was that people from other groups could come over and take peasants from my group. The cooperation in the game was that we could make trades with other groups and make good deals.