Team Baker Newsletter

December 2013 and January 2014


Hello Ladies! Congrats on a strong January! There are a couple new incentives that started this month; Conference Bucks (January 1- April 30) and Wonder What's Possible Opportunity (January 15- March 15). Be sure to continue to share the opportunity incentive, this is such a wonderful deal and you never know what this business could do for someone. Always ask, never prejudge someone's response.

February Special: For every $35 you spend you can select a Zip-top Utility Tote for $10. ALL personalization is $5 (excluding collegiate). Hostesses with parties between $200-599 can purchase the Zip-top Utility Tote for $10, and parties over $600 will earn one for FREE.

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Haley Logan will be celebrating one year with Thirty-one on February 28th!

Dream It, Be it Conference 2014

Dream It, Be it Conference 2014 will be in two locations this year. If you are West of the Mississippi River you will attend conference in Denver on July 10-12 and East of the Mississippi River will attend in Columbus on July 23-25. With the Conference Bucks incentive you can earn registration for FREE and a FREE product kits! Registration opens March 5th for all consultants.

Here's how to earn stars:

Personal Volume:

Earn up to 8 stars!

$300 PV = 1 star
$600 PV = 2 stars
$1,200 PV = 4 stars
$2,400 PV = 6 stars
$4,800+ PV = 8 stars

Earn April’s Ready, Set, Sell Kit

Receive up to 2 stars!

$500 level kit = 1 star
$1,000 level kit = 1 star

When you earn the $1,000 level kit, you’ll receive 2 stars – one for each level.

Recruit and qualify a new Consultant (PEQA)

1 star - Only available for the enroller. New Consultant must enroll AND qualify between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Get a promotion or promotion bonus

1 star - Promotion or bonus must be awarded between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Become a new Consultant

2 stars - Only available for new enrollees who join Thirty-One between January 1 – April 30, 2014.

Earn StartSwell levels

Earn up to 4 stars - Receive one star for each StartSwell level earned. Level must be earned between January 1 – April 30 to qualify.



Shannon Burl - $1779.84

Haley Logan - $1347.60

Lori Suchomel - $947.92


Megan Wright - $1708.50

Shannon Burl - $1370.50

Haley Logan - $1289.50

December 500 club:

Mandy Womack - $812.91

Lindsey Smitherman - $711.83

Chris Clement - $533.96

January 500 club:

Stacy Smith - $802.00

Misty Kieschnick - $604.50

Jennifer Psaila - $601.00



Shannon Burl welcomes Stacy Smith, Merol Lee Guilmino, Megan Wright, Leah Edman and Michelle Wingate.

Stacy Smith welcomes Amy Lehman

Haley Logan welcomes Julia Scott


Jennifer Psaila welcomes Jessica Nettle

Stephanie Baker welcomes Kim Burns

Who Qualified?


Lindsey Smitherman is now qualified and earned Swell Start Level 1!


Misty Kieschnick, Jennifer Psaila, Lori Suchomel, Megan Wright are now qualified!

Megan Wright and Stacy Smith both earned Swell Start Level 2 and Shannon Burl earned Swell Start Level 4.


Please Welcome These New Consultants:

Stacy Smith - 12/10/13

Merol Lee Guilmino - 12/15/13

Megan Wright - 12/19/13

Leah Edman - 12/20/13

Julia Scott - 12/20/13

Michelle Wingate - 12/27/13

Amy Lehman - 12/27/13

Jessica Nettle - 1/13/14

Kim Burns - 1/30/14

Conference Bucks Star Earners:

1 Star:

Lori Suchomel

Mandy Womack

Amy Lehman

2 Stars:

Misty Kieschnick

Jennifer Psaila

Jessica Nettle

Kim Burns

3 stars:

Stacy Smith

4 stars:

Haley Logan

Stephanie Baker

5 Stars:

Shannon Burl

Megan Wright