Archans (antagonists)


In the pictures below, the actor for Archan 1 can be seen, already pictured wearing the make-up I would like the character to have on. Although the hair and costume aren't shown, the presence of the make-up acts as a good indication of seeing how convincing the actor will be at bringing the sinister, antagonistic personality of Archan 1 to life. Another thing to mention is that I envisage Archan 1 with at least another element to his make-up that will further emphasise the vindictive nature of his personality. To do this, the actor will wear a black, coloured contact lens which should hopefully help in instilling fear in the minds of my target audience in order for me to create an effectively dramatic film, with as close to a high standard of verisimilitude as possible.


The two actors playing the antagonists are some of the tallest people to be involved in my film. Certainly they are taller than the male protagonist who will be caught by the two characters. It was important that the two actors were tall, so as to stand out and to further validate the reading that they are the dominate characters in this short; this is why I have chosen these two people. The two antagonists have very different appearances which will help to sustain realism in the film in how the characters will not resemble clones but instead appear as if they are two random individuals who were subject to the effects of the drug, Archenda. Secondary to Archan 1, Archan 2 has little to say in terms of dialogue but his presence alone will help to enforce power over the characters and hopefully this is the reading that the audience should get also.