Introducing Your SEL and CP&I Team

SEL and CP&I as a Lever for Equity

SEL and CP&I Statement of Purpose

For the last ten years, the Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) and Cultural Proficiency and Inclusiveness (CP&I) teams have been growing awareness, deepening relationships, and building momentum throughout the district in parallel courses. In recent years, the two groups have been working more closely and collaboratively together. Through these interactions we've found that the two initiatives best work in tandem. Therefore, AISD recently reorganized the department to form one SEL and CP&I team with one mission focused on creating deeper, richer, more inclusive, and equitable experiences and environments for our students, staff and the community at large.
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Meet Your SEL and CP&I Specialists

Each campus has an assigned SEL and CP&I specialist that can work with you as a thought partner as you consider the many needs of your campus this year, including:

  • setting goals and creating action plans to grow your social, emotional, cultural proficiency and inclusiveness practices
  • creating and facilitating professional learning and community building opportunities for staff and families

  • problem-solving culture and climate concerns

  • helping to identify campus needs and plan with steering committees

  • provide SEL and CP&I activities and SEL lesson support for teachers

  • and amplify, organize, and incorporate student agency into campus systems and structures


Meet Our Director

Austin ISD is thrilled to announce that we've named Statia Paschel as Director of Social and Emotional Learning and Cultural Proficiency & Inclusiveness. She has been an educator for over 18 years in the Dallas metroplex. Statia is passionate about implementing culturally responsive and restorative SEL practices, as well as the expansion of student engagement and agency district-wide, as she takes on this new role.

Elementary & Secondary Activities

Please find below a link to SEL and CP&I Advisory/Homeroom Activities for your teachers to use with their students. These resources were developed by the SEL, and CP&I team alongside teachers and are specific for each level to ensure age-appropriateness and to help cultivate an environment of belonging and connectedness, in order to optimize the learning experience.

Elementary, Middle, and High School Advisory/Homeroom Activities: 1st 9-Weeks Link

We encourage teachers to modify, as needed, to meet the appropriate and developmental needs of their students and community. Your campus staff can find ideas, strategies, and routines that inform and support the climate and culture of your classroom community throughout the day.

Advisory/Homeroom Activities for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th 9-Weeks will be provided through a similar Principals Weekly when they are completed.

Student Equity Council: Student & Sponsor Selection | DUE SEPT 15

Austin ISD Student Equity Council is a districtwide group of 60 students representing our 15 high schools. SEC members regularly interact with campus and district leadership as well as the school board to ensure equitable educational experiences across the district.

The Office of School Leadership is counting on principals to select sponsors and students by September 15, 2021. We ask that you please complete the Austin ISD Student Equity Council sign-up form selecting your campus-based sponsor and four representative students to participate in Austin ISD’s Student Equity Council throughout the school year.

There is a detailed description of the desired student profile at the top of the form. Principals and/or sponsors should select their 4 student representatives based on the description. NOTE: Students who participated last year and opt to continue should be given priority, as their experience will be valuable to new Student Equity Council members.

No Place for Hate 2021-2022

Apply to earn your No Place for Hate designation for 2021-2022:

Resources for No Place for Hate Activity Planning

As you work with your No Place for Hate student coalition to plan this school year’s activities, the resources linked below maybe helpful:


Virtual Mini Lessons Start Conversations

Consider using one of the virtual mini lessons, linked below, with students to start conversations about identity and interrupting bias.

  • Pyramid of Hate - Student Edition helps students understand how bias can escalate quickly from biased thinking to acts of bias, reinforcing systemic discrimination and ultimately acts of violence.
  • Identity Iceberg – Student Edition explores the concept of identity and the importance of going “below the waterline” to change and avoid stereotypes and identity-based bias.
  • What is Bias? – Student Edition looks at the difference between explicit and implicit bias and how to challenge it in our everyday lives.

Check out the newest No Place for Hate Coordinator Handbook and Resource Guide. It features Austin area scholar & educator Bavu Blakes on page 9! Check out his advice as you consider how best to mobilize student leaders and leverage the No Place for Hate framework on your campus!

Back to School Kickoff: October 6, 2021 | 11-11:30 a.m. CST

No Place for Hate student leaders from across the nation will come together to explore allyship, identity, and change-making via zoom on October 6 from 11-11:30 a.m.

This virtual event is for 4th-12th graders wanting to build more inclusive space.

A surprise keynote will be announced & registration will go live on August 31!

You can apply to earn your No Place for Hate designation for the 2021-2022 school year online here:

No Place for Hate Store

Interested in buying No Place for Hate t-shirts for your coalition members? Need more stickers or buttons? Make sure to visit our No Place for Hate Store

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