By:Zachary Yenser

What kind of government does Brazil have? What language do they speak and religion do they follow? What type of groups live in Brazil?

Brazil is a federal republic. They speak Portuguese and is is strongly roman catholic. 85 percent live in the city. 43 percent are mixed race. Finally 7 percent are black African descent.

What type of land forms are there and how does it affect how the people live?

Forest,mountains,and rivers are there land forms. It affects the people because they can mine for many natural resources. They also get timber from the forest. They also plow trees so they can grow crops and raise animals for agriculture.

What natural resources does Brazil have? is Brazil in debt do they owe a lot of money?

Brazil's natural resources are bauxite,gold,iron ore,manganese,nickel,phosphates,platinum,tin,rare Earth elements,uranium,petroleum,hydro-power, and timber. No Brazil is not in debt and is a wealthy country.

When did Brazil become an independent country? From who?

Brazil became an independent country in September 7, 1822. Brazil became independent from the Portuguese.