Weekly Bulletin December 8-December 12

Teacher's Toolbox

We all have some type of a toolbox at home. When I need to improve and add something new to my house, I search my toolbox. I either find the tool at the top of my toolbox because I use it all the time and it fits what I need to do, or I have to search deep into the bottom of the toolbox to find the right tool. While I am searching for the right tool, I usually find other tools I have not used in a while and I ask myself "Hmmm...Will it work for what I need to do?" Teachers have a toolbox too. This toolbox is filled with instructional strategies from workshops, in-services, PLC meetings and when collaborating with colleagues. Probably just like a toolbox at home, what we use all the time is at the top, what we use several times is in the middle and what we use every once-in-awhile or never use is at the bottom of the toolbox.

Two years ago, the Fundamental Five was introduced and it probably was put somewhere in the middle of the toolbox that first year. But now that can be found at the top of the toolbox. This year instructional strategies such as stations, classroom rotations, student self-evaluation, Quiz, Quiz Trade, My Favorite No, etc. were introduced and these tools are either at the top or in the middle of the toolbox. This past week in PLC, the Flipped Classroom was introduced and for a few that tool went to the top or to the middle, and for many it went to the bottom of the toolbox and that is okay.

When instructional strategies are shared, it is for you to put another tool in your box to have as a resource to increase student learning. Sometimes theses strategies will go to the bottom of the toolbox until you are ready to use it, but don't forget the tool is there. So, when you are trying to find a different way to maximize student learning, don't forget to search in your toolbox. You may be surprised what you will find as you search to the bottom.

Below is another video on the Flipped Classroom. I look forward in hearing how the Flipped Classroom is working for you. (PS-Socrative.com is a form of a Flipped Classroom).

What is the Flipped Classroom?


PLC: Contents will be analyzing student work from FTM #2

CWT: Ms. Trinidad and Mrs. Ramirez implemented an easy station rotation for their World Geography students to learn the changes of the Russian government from 1910-2010. Each station had a description of a decade in Russia and the students summarized it and put the information under the correct category-Economic, Political or Social.

Mrs. Surman's 6th grade math class used ratios to combine two flavors to create a new juice combination.

Mr. Turner's 6th grade ELAR class were learning how to follow instructions by making an origami bird. The students and Mr. Turner had difficulty making the flying bird, but Mr. Turner turned this into a teachable moment to discuss how we work through challenges.

Staff Member-Spotlight of the Week: Kathleen Midler

From Staff Member: Thank you so much for always giving me great advice, tips and words of encouragement for addressing our kids. Because of you, I have been able to make sure they are understanding the concepts.

See Mrs. Flores for a special snack. You also get to park in the reserved parking space. To nominate a Staff Member for Spotlight of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Mrs. Gonzales

Picture and Caption-Week of December 8-Mrs. Pena and Mrs. Tieken

Submit your picture and caption(2 to 3 sentence) to John Hineman and Mrs. Flores by Thursday.

Quote of the Week

" If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, the excitement, and the mystery of the world we live in." --Rachel Carlson

Reading Minutes-Total is 779,260 minutes!


December 8

Progress Report Grades Due

December 9

Progress Reports Delivered

Winter Band Concert 7pm

December 10

Band performs at Elementary 1:3-2:55

December 11

7th Grade Writing Checkpoint

Jaguar Basketball vs. Harlandale 8A/7H 5pm/6pm

December 12

New Teacher Meeting

7th Grade Writing Checkpoint

ZAP Day for 8th grade students

Winter Band Concert 7pm

Dates to Remember

December 15-Checkpoint ELAR 6, 7

December 16-Checkpoint ELAR 6, 7,8, 8th SS, Math 6, 8

Tom Turner's Retirement Reception MS Library 4-5:30

December 17-Checkpoint Math 7,8 Science 6, 7,8

December 18

Staff Christmas Luncheon (sign up to bring a side dish)

Symphonic Band at Elementary Campus 2pm

December 19: Early Release Students and Staff

Perfect Attendance Basketball Game

December 20

Jaguar End of the Season Basketball Tournament-HS Practice Gyms 9am-3:00pm