Rhode island



Rhode island was founded in 1636. and the founder was Rodger willams. the reason for the founding was for religious freedom.


rhode island was a New England colony. And the boarding colonies where Connecticut and massachusetts. The lakes and rivers wher the Narragansett bay,blackstone river,woonasquatucket river,N.branch Pawtuxet,Pawtuxet river,Wood river and Queen river and the ocean is the Atlantic ocean and there was no mountains


Rhode island grew corn,beans,peas ternups,carretsands and pumpkins. there natural resources are fish,seafood and lumber. there industreies are trading, market, farming , fishing and bookkeeping there daily routines included women- cooked,cleaned,worked in the fields,sewde,ploweeed and the men went hunting,fishing,cleared land and built houses.


waters off Rhide island provided then with fresh salt water. And they would go down to a bay to catch,lobster oysters,clams and fish. They grew vegetables, corn, beans, peas, and turnups. Women used brick ovens to cook most of there food. Each home hade a brick ovean or a fier place