By: Michelle Butts


Orlando, florida is very warm. The average temperature in florida is 60-80 but can go down to 50 , It is a great place to live if you love warm weather. on average the amount of sunny days they have are about 233 which is nice. Also, they have many palm trees and cute little lizards running around.


Orlando, Florida is a really nice place to live for many reasons. One is Walt Disney world is just down the street which is great. The Average living cost there for a house is $150,700. Also, they have many activities to do around town and is safe.


There are many places to keep you entertained in Orlando, Florida. Such as Universal studios, Walt Disney World, Sea World, Downtown Disney, Water parks and beach's. They have many sports team One is The Orlando Magic which is a NBA basketball team, and University of Florida college football team. Also,

Why live in Orlando, Florida?

It is a really nice place to live. It has amazing weather and many fun activities to do and is super pretty.