Darwins Postulates

Learn About the Basics of Evolution By: Elias Aguirre

Do you really know where we come from?

It has been a controversial topic throughout history, our evolution. Nobody really knows where we come from, at least not with 100% proof, but Darwin had a very solid line of evidence and principles that people still believe today.

Postulate #1 - We are all different.

First idea? Yup, variation. Drawing thoroughly believed that there was variation within species, dealing somewhat with the survival of the fittest. Birds that are the same specie might have all different characteristics and behaviors, which implies indispensable mutations in order to make organisms more suitable to survive, sometimes due to migration.

Postulate #2 - Like Father, Like Son

Aspect number 2, traits can be inherited. Straight forward, you have seen it, and like the old saying goes; Like Father Like Son. Darwin believed that traits and patterns where seen clearly through generations, which is a very important discovery because it opened thousands of doors for research and understanding of genetic passing through generations.


Darwin believed that a must was the overpopulation of youth, which would cause more and more possibilities and probabilities for organisms to survive, for they have more chances to develop and grow. It is important to always keep the new genes developing and just as important for survival to reproduce for there are a lot of external factors that might make some perish, and for this more have to be ready to keep on with the development of a specie.
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Darwin proved the power of extinction. Some organisms where more suited than others in order to survive. Those who failed to change, adapt and understand the need for innovation in their organisms perished and got extinct. Specific survival traits are essential for organisms, even if humans might have something to do sometimes, like in hunting.


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