Free Intermediate Algebra Tutoring!

For All IWCC Students

Tips for MAT 102:

1) Don't skip class

2) Start on homework early and finish all of it

3) Always do the test prep reviews

5) Ask for help if you need it! Ask your instructor or a tutor today!

IWCC offers free tutoring for Intermediate Algebra in the Academic Support Center (2nd floor Student Center, room 2038). Check out our schedule on ROC for the most up-to-date Intermediate Algebra tutor times.

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Also Try Online Algebra Tutoring through Smarthinking!

Find it on ROC, next to My ROC Classes:


Academic Support Center

Location: Student Center 2038

Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 AM-7 PM

Friday 9 AM-2 PM

and Tuesdays 7-9 PM in Suites II


Phone: 712-388-6841