Interdisciplinary Unit on Mythology

Understanding Myths, Native Americans, & Science!

Learning Targets & Goals

Students will experience various myths (predominantly from the Native American culture) through multiple senses, while gaining an understanding of Native American cultures & Stars/Solar System Patterns.

Ponder & Wonder.....WHY?

How accurate were the Native Americans in their theories about the stars, constellations, and then sun?

Interdisciplinary Content

Student Centered - Depth of Understanding - Aligned Balanced - Multiple Learners Rigorous

Teaching & Learning

Tiered (explore & understand), Multiple Intelligence (mold or create myths), Creative Problem Solving (unravel & rewrite myths), Reader's & Writer's Workshop (mini-lessons, guided groups, whole group, paired reading, close reads, etc.), Individualized (learning contracts), Collaborative (Totem Pole Project) and Rigorous!