An Alcoholic-Drug abuser

Did Shakespeare drink alcohol obsessively and use drugs?

Was Shakespeare an Alcoholic?

  • He did enjoy to have "a few" drinks.
  • Shakespeare's father was an official Ale taster in Stafford.
  • He drank Ale, Beer, Wine, Malmsey, Metheglin (Mead), and Canary.
  • Nowhere does it say thought he was an "Alcoholic."

Did Shakespeare do drugs?

  • A couple South African Research Scientist analyzed a total of 24 pipe fragments found on the grounds of Shakespeare's home. 8 of which tested positive for Marijuana residue and 2 testing positive for cocaine traces.

Interesting Facts

  • Some even say Shakespeare talked about drugs in his own writings. For example:
"noted weed", "compounds strange", "a journey in his head".

  • They carved a "dying wish" into his tomb "Blessed be the man that spares these stones. And cursed be he who moves my bones." Because of the possible curse nobody has actually seen the remains, so no remains can be used to see the actual cause of death; that's why still today we don't know the actual cause of Shakespeare's death.
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Frequently thought causes of death


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