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October 15, 2021

BEST at West...Be respectful, Engage in learning, Show integrity, Take responsibility


We will be hosting parent/teacher conferences on Monday, October 18 from 4:00pm to 8:00pm. Please use this link https://ptcfast.com/schools/Mankato_West_High_School to schedule conference times with your student’s teachers. You will find your student’s teachers by viewing your student’s schedule on your parent portal in Infinite Campus. If you need assistance with PTCFast please access this video for support.

Other Opportunities to Attend During Conferences

Our Counseling Department will be providing a Financial Aid Workshop beginning at 5:00pm in the Media Center. At this session, guardians will be able to complete FAFSA forms for their senior students.

Our ELL department is hosting a Fall Parent Circle Gathering for all of our ELL families beginning at 4:30 in the cafeteria.

Grade Update

Thursday afternoons there will be a "Missing Work" notice sent to all students and guardians through Infinite Campus. If you get a notice, it is a great time to talk with your student about what they are missing, why they are missing it, and help them make a plan to get their work completed.

Parenting Tip - We do this on Thursdays so parents can encourage students to get their work done before they make social plans for the weekend.

October 28th is our next grade check date, when teachers will have grades up to date. This is a good day to sit down with your student and review their grades, celebrate some highlights, and make a plan for any classes the student is struggling.

The end of the quarter is November 11th. The quarter grade that a student earns will be 50% of their semester grade. Semester grades are the grades that are reported on the student's transcript.

Standards Based Learning

Grading - Standards Based Learning

Grades will communicate what students know and can do. Grading practices should be consistent, accurate, fair and non-punitive. Grades will serve as communication and self-evaluation tools for students, families, and teachers.

Semester Grade Calculation

The Semester Grade (the grade that goes on the transcript) is calculated by 50% for each quarter grade.

Gradebook Reflects Learning

The gradebook reflects learning rather than behaviors.

Elimination of Extra Credit

Extra credit will no longer be offered. The option to redo or retake an assessment replaces the need for extra credit.

Weighted Gradebook

The minimum weight for this year will be 80% Summative Assessments and 20% Formative Assessments with a shift to minimum 90% Summative Assessments and 10% Formative Assessments by next year.

  • Summative assessments may include a variety of methods:

    • Multiple choice tests, written work- papers, essays, shorter response, labs, demonstrations, projects, etc.

Retake Procedures

All students are eligible for a reassessment to demonstrate a higher level of understanding.

  • Students will have 2 school days from the time their feedback is received to complete their retake form AND schedule the reassessment with their teacher.

  • Students will be allowed 1 retake per summative assessment.

Students must complete a retake form and agreed-upon relearning activities to ensure that learning takes place before the reassessment. If this process is not followed, the reassessment may be denied.

  • Relearning activities and reflection may include: corrections, tutoring, discussion, revisiting unfinished formative work, re-teaching, etc.

Reassessments address the same standard(s)/content/skill(s) as the original assessment, but may be in a different form. Different formats may include revisions/corrections, version B of a test, oral responses, etc.

  • When a student reassesses, the highest score is the one that will be put in the gradebook.

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The Mankato West National Honor Society is welcoming new members this fall. Juniors and Seniors received an informational handout from their Social Studies teachers earlier this month. Students can access the NHS application online at: bit.ly/katonhs. Applications need to be turned in to Mr. Moore in Room 109 by Wednesday, November 10th (prior to 3:35 p.m.) Students must have an unweighted GPA above 3.5 in order to qualify for admission. If you have any questions about National Honor Society, please contact NHS advisors Matt Moore or Aaron Miller.

Mankato West High School Information

Here are some resources that will keep you up to date on all things Scarlet:

MWHS website

MWHS Family Calendar

West Daily Announcements found in the Parent Portal

Twitter - @BlasingMWHS

FYI - Back Lot

We have a steam line replacement that needs to be replaced before the heating season. This project is slated to start October 18th and be completed by the end of the week. Please look at the picture below to see how this work will affect our back lot.

Red lines are what is going to be dug up to get to the steamline.

No traffic will be allowed around the annex during drop off and pick up times. Please plan for an alternate drop off/pick up location if you typically use door #19.

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Family Academy

Please join us and Register to attend Mankato Area Public Schools' Family Academy held virtually on Tuesday, October 26. These no cost workshops provide tips, tools and strategies to help children be successful and focus on fostering the partnerships between families and school. All sessions will be held online. If you have any questions, please call 507-387-5501.

Upcoming Events

October 18

4:00pm - 8:00pm

Parent/Teacher Conferences

October 19

Soccer Section Finals - New Prague

Girls vs. New Prague 5:00pm

Boys vs. Worthington 7:30pm

October 20

Jug Game - 7:00pm at Minnesota State University, Mankato

East/West Football

October 21, 22

No School

October 28

Grade Check

November 11

Last Day of First Quarter

November 12

No School - Teacher Work Day