The Trouble with War

By: Caitlin Handy

Game Over

Dear Mrs. Pope,

I believe that you should not be asking people to come fight in war. You make it sound like it is some kind of fun game and that people will only break their bones. You are tricking them. These young men can go out there onto the battlefield thinking that it is just like a game of football. They are going to think it is all fun and games until someone dies right in front of them.

How would you feel if one of your family members died in war? How would you be able to deal with all of the emotions? Would you be able to go up to the mother of a soldier and tell her that her on will not be coming home? What would you say to her? You may make it sound like it is one big game, but in reality when the game is over it will not be such a fantasy. People will know the truth and will not want to go back. They will be scared for life and you will not be able to manipulate anyone anymore. The game will be over for you.

For those of you who do not know, fighting in war is not a game. It is not meant to be fun. Manipulation takes over. Men are struggling and holding on to their lives with the little strength they have. They are sick and dragging their feet. They are the zombies of our nation. Men are dying from left to right. They may be heroes, but they are heroes in danger. Dying for your country is one thing, dying because of your country is a completely different story.