Salvador Dali

Spanish Surrealist Artist with an Inspiring Imagination

Major Accomplishments

Dali is famous for his unique sense of creativity that reflected itself in bizarre images seen throughout his works. He is widely credited for his surrealism paintings, but he was also proficient in cubism and landscapes, among other forms of art. Dali's most famous work, 'Basket of Bread', was completed in 1926. Five years later, he once again caught the world's attention with his painting 'The Persistence of Memory'.

Life in Paris

In 1926 Dali visited Paris where he met an artist whom he greatly revered, Pablo Picasso. He went to Paris again in 1929, at which time he met with many surrealists and also his future wife, Gala. She would become his muse and future inspiration for many works. Dali socialized with André Breton, the leader of the surrealism movement. Inspired by his trip to Paris, Dali developed his own form of art, which included shocking in-your-face images; he became fully integrated into surrealism. Thereafter, he participated in many exhibitions in Paris and elsewhere, where his art left a lasting impression that inspired many other artists.