This is the End

By:Logan Myers

Creative Writing

Table of Contents:

  1. Journal Entries (5)
  2. Writer's Observations (5)
  3. StorySLAM (1)
  4. Poetry (5)
  5. Flash Fiction (2)
  6. Short Story (1)
  7. Screenplay (1)
  8. Extra Piece (1)
  9. Revision of _Flash Fiction Piece____
  10. Course Reflection

Journal entries

Grounder 1

I was a natural, my fingers moved perfectly across the keys of the piano. I didn't miss a singe note throughout the whole piece. The funny was, this was only my third piano lesson. My parents always said I had a thing for music, especially with instruments. I've tried others before, like the guitar or flute but they didn't click with me i guess. I would just switch my instrument after five or six lessons. If my parents had't forced me into playing the piano I wouldn't have found out what a beast I was.

Grounder 2

There was once a dog

who lived in a bog

who's name was Wong

and had no toy

so he fetched

and ran as far as the eye can see

to the peeing tree

the poor dog never fetched a toy

what a joy

ya boy key is yummy like chips a hoy!

Grounder 3

Purple rain fell from the sky

Psychotic dogs tried to eat pie

Pie allergies made them die

Parrots decided to wear ties

Ponies wore shirts that were tie-dyed

Prison was full of people who cried

Praying was the only way to get by

Grounder 4

The creature was a snail

it was long like a tail

it had weird spots

they were polka-dots

It was really slimy

I don't think it would taste limey

It moved really slow

It could've used a tow

Grounder 5

I was running from it. It kept getting closer and closer and closer. It crept out of the woods and jumped at me. When it landed it wasn't the same monster that had been chasing me. It had changed into a pig, I guess it knew I wanted bacon.

Writers observations


I saw a turtle in the street and it was probably going to get run over. This intrigued me because It was soooooo slow. It was just sitting there in the middle of the street looking like it was dead but it wasn't it was just moving super slow.


It was night and I was walking outside in my backyard and I saw a skunk. It was like almost all white but it was definitely a skunk because it smelled so bad. I was intrigued by it because I've never seen a skunk before.


I went to school one day and saw some nasty crap on the steps. It was so disgusting and it smelled so bad. Like the worst thing I've ever smelled ever in the history of life. This intrigued me because it was nasty and it was terrible.


I was walking my dog one day and then this creepy cat thing came out of the bushes and just stood there. It was super weird and it didn't move. This intrigued me because It was super creepy and stuff.


Once I was in my room looking out the window and then this bird just like spazzed out and hit my window. It was so weird and bizarre. That's why it intrigued me, I've never had soe weird bird hot my window.

Story slam

I was in Paris, France over the summer last year and my grandma came with us. So she is like really into museums and she wants to just stay there or something. We went to the Baltimore once when she visited from Florida and she took like and hour in the gift shop. So once we get there I pull her aside and I’m like look grandma I’m not staying in this museum for like five hours today. My mom already told me that this was the Louver so it would take pretty long to get to see what we wanted to see in it. So i’m like following them around thinking about what we could be doing other than wandering around some museum. We could be at the Eiffel tower or at the arc de triomphe or something. But we were stuck in some museum, with a bunch of other people and it was weird because I swear that half of the other people were Asian. It was really freaky because I had never seen so many Asian people before. So while I was thinking why there were so many Asian people, I somehow got lost like I think we were i the Egyptian part of the museum and I wandered to the Greek side. I didn’t even realize that this had happened before I bumped into someone. They were like what the fuck! But I think they said it in something language because I still wasn’t paying attention that much. So I looked up and realized that this was entirely from where I was supposed to be so I just kinda was like what the fuck grandma you were supposed to show me where to go. So I kinda got more made than scared because this museum was like the biggest in the world or something so I didn’t know how long it would take to get out. And inside where all of the museum things are there aren't any people who help you so I was completely lost. It also didn’t help because I didn’t know who spoke English and who spoke every other language. So i asked some dude and he was like talking to me in french so I just gave up. The thing with this museum is that it’s really confusing, like I couldn't find out where to go, even if some of the signs are in English. There are multiple floors upstairs and multiple floors under the palace of napoleon that the museum is in. So there was a hundred places to get lost in this museum and that just made it even worse for me to try to find my way out of. SO i had been wandering around the museum for about 40 minutes before someone asked if I was lost. I wanted to say no because I was thinking if i looked so confused that someone had to help me. But i said yes, the thing was they couldn’t speak good English and it was hard to understand them. It turned into a lot of hand motions and I eventually got what they were trying to say. They said to keep going and then take a right and I should be able to find the way out then.The thing that that guy didn’t know was that I couldn’t find my way, and it didn’t help that literally everyone must have been in the room with my. So it was hard to move and then I realized why. This was just outside of where the Mona Lisa id. So i made a quick stop to see it and then I had to go back on my mission. I finally realized what I was doing wrong I thought the guy said to turn right but he actually said to turn left. So I was going to opposite way for about 30 minutes. When I understood that I was able to make it to the main lobby and there was my grandma . When I walked up to her she said one thing. She said not to tell my mom she lost me. Which was no problem because she would’ve been super mad.


Poem 1

Parents are blankets

They try to protect you from the cold

but it can get too tight when you get old

they only want the best for us

but sometimes they need to learn to trust

Poem 2

Friendship is a seesaw

it’s a game for two

both hold up until they hear their que

and when it comes they act for you

and that’s a friend you can call true

Poem 3

Morning is a bridge

showing new ways to start your day

making a new path to light your way

energizing you to make the journey

across the land of life

Poem 4

The apple fell from the tree

while my dog had to pee

I felt so bad

because I forgot my dad

at home

all alone

he will be mad

that's too bad

Poem 5

This is going to turn out bad

It will look kinda sad

don't look to mad

as I roast your dad

You might just want to bring a cab

Flash Fiction


I was just walking down the street when the biggest shadow I've ever seen went over me. I looked up to see something I never expected to see ever. I never believed in aliens, but after looking up and seeing the massive ship above me I did. I'm not proud of it, but I definitely peed myself a little that day.


Seeing my brother lying in his death bed with a gunshot through his chest was terrible. I couldn't bear to look at it but he needed the support. He was in so much pain and the doctor already told me his chance to live was very slim. He didn't do anything to deserve this, it was all my fault. They were just trying to get to me. Whoever did this was going to pay.

Short story

Drunk Driving

My socks were wet. They weren’t the only things that were wet. My whole body was wet. I had been trudging through mud trying to find my way home through this thunderstorm. I wasn’t even supposed to be out. I snuck out of my house about five hours ago to go with my friends to the movies. I wasn’t allowed to go because it was rated R and my parents said I was not mature enough yet, even though I just turned 18 and was about to graduate from high school. So I had to sneak out, it actually wasn’t even that great of a movie. So we were walking to the parking lot and everyone but me had taken some beer into the movies, since they were all drunk and crazy and I’m just trying to get home because I know if I got caught I would be in a lot of trouble.

Once we got into the car and start driving two of my best friends, John and Phil, got in a fight about who was better at basketball. I turned around to tell them to calm down and I took my hands off the steering wheel, in that split second things happened that i couldn’t believe. Phil pulled out a gun, I drove into the wrong lane, the car in that lane crashed into us, an oil truck flipped over behind us, and everything went up in flames.

I must of passed out for a minute or so because I woke up on the ground somehow not totally killed. I looked back at the car and it was destroyed with my friends in it. There was no way that they could’ve survived that sort of crash, I was still shocked with phil he pulled out a gun and I’m assuming he shot John. I didn’t really want to stay around and be put on the news and get questioned by police officers. I would probably go to jail for just being at the crime scene. If you can call that a crime, no one can prove that Phil shot anyone unless they found John’s body. I made my way of the freeway and found some kind of trail.

The sign said that it led to some community center, which would be good because I hadn’t eaten since around 9 o’clock. I was really shocked about what happened and it didn’t help when I could hear sirens in the distance. I started to run and that was a big mistake because I tripped over some rock and hit my face into the trunk of a tree. Immediately pain went through my mouth and I could feel blood. I stood up and something fell out of my mouth, I knew what it was, it was my front tooth and it had gotten knocked out of my mouth because of that tree. I picked my tooth up and kept running, this time a little more carefully since I could only see a couple feet in front on me.

Eventually I made it to the community center, it wasn’t what I was expecting, it was old and the shutters were falling off. The paint was peeling and the glass was broken. I didn’t want to go in there but I needed some food, when I stepped into the community center the first thing that I noticed was that there were a bunch of rats. I screamed a little bit and almost ran away. After searching for about twenty minutes I found a snack bar, it was loaded with food. Of course most of the food was rotten so that didn’t help me. I took some bags of chips and then tried to find my way out. The sun was starting to rise and I didn't know why, I swear that the crash was just past one and I got here around two thirty. I checked my phone and it said it was seven, I don’t know when but I must had fallen asleep inside. I had to get home quick, if I didn’t my parents would straight up slap me and i would be grounded for life(maybe).

I usually wake up around eleven on weekends and my parents don’t ever wake me up so I should be able to make it home as long as my phone’s battery doesn’t die. I felt my pocket and grabbed my phone, I was on six percent. At the crash I was about twenty minutes away from my house so I should have just enough power to maybe get close to my neighborhood. So my calculations were terribly wrong, I actually turned out to be more than two hours away from my house. When I was about forty five minutes away my phone dies, I didn’t know where I was and It was like ten already. I started to run because if I didn’t come down for breakfast at eleven my parents would know what was up and would kill me.

I don’t know why I couldn’t go to the movie in the first place. I should be able to I’m so close to being in college, SO I knew I was close probably about five minutes away by now. I turned the corners and found cop cars. I didn’t know what was going on, maybe they thought I was dead or something. I ran up to the first officer and he turned and hit me with one of those stick things they carry. It felt like someone hit me with a tree or something. Then all of the police officers came down on me and put handcuffs on me, after that i got knocked out and i don’t remember much.

I woke up to bright lights and a really buff scary Asian man. He pretty much said I killed five of my friends and I was going to jail for the rest of my life. After that I got to see my parents and they said they were expecting me to do something like that. I hate my parents . Hate. I appeared before a judge and had no chance whatsoever. I was sentenced for lifetime in prison and I didn’t know why. I didn't kill anyone I was driving the car. My life was ruined in one night because of me who was apparently “drunk driving”, or at least that's what the judge said.


The Perfect Burrito

Scene One

Fade In



What the actual fuck!!!!!!

I shot him in his face and he didn’t die!

Mrs. Richards


Roger are you okay sweetie?


Shut up mom and bring me some more fucking Doritos!

Mrs. Richards

Okay but watch your language, you know I don’t like when you yell at me.


Why don’t you just bring me my food! Also bring me some kool-aid


(coming down the stairs)

I’m about done with this attitude of yours Roger. It’s like you're always on your period. You should’ve just been born a girl and then you wouldn’t be such a douche who's overweight and living in his mom’s basement! Now get out of my house and don’t come back!


After this game. I right in the middle of it.


(pulling out the cords)

Now! Get out of my house NOW!


Woooaaahhh, where did this come from? I thought we were cool.


We’re not cool anymore all you do is eat, that's why you are like 250 lbs.. If you didn’t eat so much and got off your ass you might have a girlfriend. Or at least more than one friend.


Wow that hurt. It’s not my fault I’m fat.

Mrs. Richards

How isn’t it your fault?! You eat like 6 meals a day and then ask for more food.



It’s not my fault. My stomach just wants me to keep eating. Do you think I want to have boobs that are bigger than yours?

Mrs. Richards

YOu need to just get out. Go call call your only friend. Maybe he will

let you stay with him until you can either not be so rude or get a place of your own.


Can I at least take my video games and finish my chips?




Scene 2

(ringing)(phone call)


Yo Henrique you won’t believe what just happened, My mom actually kicked me out of my house!


Amigo did she have to get a forklift to get you out of that basement or did you manage to roll yourself upstairs?


Very funny, but I was wonderin if I could stay at your place for a bit until my mom sees that she was wrong to kick me out.


I don’t know amigo, last time you came over you left my bathroom smelling like a whale died.


You are really mean sometimes, so can I stay over or not?


I guess so, but when I say you have to leave you have to leave because I have some people coming over who you won’t like.

End of phone call

(Fade in)


(knocks on door)

Hey Henrique I’m here


Come in come in, I’m sitting on the couch


Thanks, what are you doing


Just watching ESPN, hey what do you want to get for dinner?


Actually I really want a burrito, but not any burrito, the perfect burrito.


Is that supposed to be like a racist comment or something?


No no I just really want a burrito and I want it to be perfect. So would you want to go on a road trip with me to find the perfect burrito?


I mean it depends, are you committed to getting even fatter than you are now because you’re going to be trying a lot of burritos.


I’m already over weight, so I think a couple more burritos won’t hurt. And besides what’s the worst that can happen?

Scene 3

Fade in


Aye mi amigo we’ve been to more than ten of the best burrito places in Mexico can we just go home? My fish must be dead and it’s probably stinking up my place.


Stop whining! You’re not even the one having to try the burritos. Maybe if we just go to this last place.


You don’t want to go there roger, that's the bad part where all the drugs are. You’re a little to white, fat, and nerdy to go there.


Wow that was offensive. Umm I’m not really sure how to respond to that but I’m going to go anyways.

2 hrs later

Zoom in


I didn’t think those dogs would keep on running, after we swam through that dump water shit.


I told you mi amigo you’re not cut out for this stuff. Maybe we should just go back home. You might be able to get your mom to forgive you.

Zoom out

Zoom in


Mrs. Richrads

I’ll be right there

(opening the door)

Mrs. Richards

Oh! Roger I didn’t think you would be back so soon.


Yeah well I really noticed how lost I am without you. I realized this when me and Henrique were looking for the perfect burrito. You know for my bucket list.

Mrs. Richards

The perfect burrito? Come inside I’ll cook you some dinner.


Thanks mom you’re the best

20 min later


Hey mom is dinner almost ready? I’m starving I haven’t eaten in like 2 hours.

Mrs. Richards

Yes here you go sweetie


A burrito?

(takes a bite)

Oh my god! This is the best burrito ever! I’ve been looking and looking and it’s been here the whole time!!!! You really are the best Mom ever!

Mrs. Richards

I know son I know.

Extra piece

Children's story

Once upon a time there was a super cool bear named Bobby. Bobby was just an average bear who had an average life for a bear. He would go in the stream and catch fish or go and pick berries with his parents. One day his mom told him that hibernation was coming up. Bobby didn’t even know what hibernation was or why bears did that. So he asked and his mom told him it’s when they go take a really long nap when it gets cold.

Winter was coming up so Bobby and his best friend Robbie decided they would get the most berries for their families so they could all eat during their naps. Bobby and Robbie went out for hours to try to find all the berries in the forest. They picked and picked until they couldn’t stand anymore. Bobby fell on the ground and took a nap.

When Bobby woke up it was really cold. It had just started to snow and Bobby couldn’t smell any of the other bears. He knew Robbie had just been with him, it also wasn’t supposed to winter for two more weeks. Bobby started to get really scared and he tried to find his way back to his cave where his parents would be.

When he made it back his mom and dad were sound asleep. They had gathered food and everything without him! Bobby tried to shake them so they would wake up but they weren’t. Eventually his mom woke up and saw Bobby. She hugged him and asked why he had started hibernating early. Bobby didn’t even know what had happened so his mom just let him go back to sleep. Bobby didn’t even know what had happened to him that day.


Revision of Fash Fiction Story

The lightning struck right through a house and into the field. Almost instantly it burst into flames and it seemed to roar through the howling wind and rain. It wouldn’t stop burning even though the rain was coming down in sheets. All you could see was the glow of the fire through the rain, that’s how hard the rain was falling. The field started to erupt in flames and the glowing fire grew bigger and bigger each minute. All of this was happening so fast, then something happened it all just stopped. The fire died down and the wind and rain just stopped. How had something so devastating come an go that quickly? Or did I dream it?

Course reflection

1.I found that learning different writing style and learning how to write different genres was most useful for this course.

2.I think I would've liked to make like another genre type project. Like there could be another genre to write about.

3.I learned that I can write all of the types of genres that we learned, but I need to not repeat sometimes when I write.

4. I liked the Hygiene one. I liked it because it was just so much different form all of the other readings we had this semester.

5.I plan to just write to the best of my abilities, I haven't really thought about anything besides that.

6.I find my inspiration by seeing things in the world. Like what I see gives me ideas to write about.

7.I would like to write like a horror piece. I think that would be fun and would switch it up and make it challenging.