Tony Stewart

By Audree

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Have you herd of NASCAR legend Tony Stewart? Tony Stewart drove Indy car,NASCAR,and,go carts.

In the beginning

Tony Stewart was born on May,20 1971. He was born and raised in Columbus , Indiana. He started his racing career at an early age. He raced go carts at the age of seven. In 1979 he won his fist go-cart race.

The Fame Begins

When he joined NASCAR the fame started to kick in.His main sponsors are Mobil 1 and Bass pro shop.He was a champion in both Indy car and NASCAR.Tony Stewart is also a three time champion in the sprint cup series .Tony was name USAC sprint cup rookie of the year in 1991.

Tragey at the wheel

Tony started to go down hill when he hit fellow driver Kevin Ward.Sadly Kevin died do to his injury .


Tony Stewart went to court for the death of Kevin Ward. The family charged Tony Stewart. He almost went to jail but the charges were soon dropped.

The Collection

Tony owns 3 race cars. One is for each Main sponsor.Tony has a bundle of sponsors, big retailers to small shops. Of cores he has Chevy backed him up.

Still Rollen

Tony Stewart is still a driver today . Tony loves racing .He more than likely will race for many years to come.