Weekly Update

Strive Center for Autism - October 8, 2021

Both Strive locations CLOSED for Professional Development Day

Friday, Oct. 15th, 8am

Brighton and Burton

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Send in your Halloween costumes

It is October - so please send in your child's Halloween costume now if you'd like us to have him practice wearing it. We have a few costumes kids can practice with, but we find that it is very helpful for children with Autism to practice with their specific costume and any accessories.

If you need the costume sent home for any activities before Halloween, just let us know.

September Leaves

As you know, the Tree of Possibilities is more than just a logo here at the Strive Center. For every skill a child acquires, we celebrate with adding a leaf sticker to his own Tree of Possibilities poster - one kept at the center so we can celebrate, and one is sent home to share with his family.

In September, our learners acquired 200 new skills! Some of these are little steps along the path, but every one is worthy of celebration. We are so proud of all their accomplishments.

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Meet our Owners, Anne and Don Haley

Anne and Don Haley live in Genesee County and have 5 kids, one of whom has autism, so they can relate first hand to loving and supporting a child on the spectrum. Anne has served as the Executive Director of the Autism Support and Resource Center since 2015. They offer social, recreational and life skills programs to those on the spectrum. Don is the 3rd generation owner of Italia Gardens restaurants, which was the first Italian restaurant in Flint in 1931. In their free time they enjoy cooking, high school sports, spending time with extended family and traveling. Anne and Don are thrilled to carry on the excellence Strive has offered and are proud of the team who works so hard to provide relief and create possibilities for the children and their families.

Strive Email Maintenance

Strive Center email addresses will be shutdown for maintenance beginning at 4 PM today, October 8th. During the maintenance any emails sent to our sc-centers addresses will likely be returned to you. We expect all email to be up and running again within 24 hours. This should not greatly impact our families, as our staff are not expected to respond to work emails over the weekend. We simply wanted families to be aware that if you have information you'd like to send to your provider, it would be best to send it before Friday at 4 or after the weekend. You will still be able to reach out to your provider via Remind or Therawe.

Any absences should always be reported via telephone to our center's main line at 810-344-8082. Select extension 1 for Brighton absences and extension 2 for Burton. Absences are not to be reported via email, Remind, or Therawe.

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Strive VIP Day

Strive is having their first ever Very Important Person (VIP) event! This will take place the week of Thanksgiving, during the therapy day for about 30 minutes. VIP day is for the children to invite a person that is very important to them to show them around the center, spend some time together, and do a little activity together. VIP time is for anyone that is important to the child. This could include a parent that doesn't get to spend much time in the center, a grandparent, aunt, uncle or any other special person! We plan to have a few VIP days a year moving forward, but for this first VIP day, we ask that the children invite 1 person to limit the number of people in the center. More details are coming soon, but start thinking of who a good VIP for your child would be!