From Darkness to Light

The Dark Ages to the Renaissance

Dark Ages




_____________________________________Dark Ages_____________________________________________________

Dark Ages

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 476 at 12am to Saturday, Jan. 1st 800 at 12am


Dark Ages Begin (uh oh!)
  • Time: 476-800 AD
  • Church: superpower only unifying force
  • Achievements: no major achievements
  • Lifestyle: non-secular, squalid, bleak
  • Views: ascetic, religious
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Middle Ages

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_________________________________Middle Ages________________________________________________

Middle Ages

-Still carried much Church influence
-Feudal System in place
-Most writings were in Latin and were highly religious

Early Middle Ages

Friday, Jan. 1st 500 at 12am to Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1000 at 12am


Incorporates the Dark Ages

First of three divisions of the Middle Ages

Early Middle Ages Army Recruitment

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Timothy Reuter

Military Aspects of Scandinavian Society in a European Perspective, AD 1-1300 (Copenhagen, 1997)

High Middle Ages

Wednesday, Jan. 1st 1000 at 12am to Friday, Jan. 1st 1300 at 12am


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Late Middle Ages

Friday, Jan. 1st 1300 at 12am to Friday, Jan. 1st 1475 at 12am


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"What shall we hang first? The holly or each other?"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-Henry II~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"The Lion in Winter"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


John: "He has a knife, a knife!"

Eleanor of Aquitaine: "Of course he has a knife! I have a knife. We all have knives. It's 1183 and we're all barbarians!"

______________________________________-The Lion in Winter______________________________________

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The Crusades


  • A series of religious wars launched by European Catholics against Muslim forces

Causes of the Crusades

  • Middle East Life Quality >European Life Quality
  • 1065 (During High Middle Ages) Jerusalem Taken Over by Muslim Seljukian Turks
-3000 Christians killed

-No more safe passage for European Christians

  • Rescue the Holy City!
  • Convincing by Pope Urban II
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Crusades Set the Stage

How the Crusades lead to the Renaissance:

  • Cultural Diffusion
  • Contact with the Middle East
  • Exposure to Silk and Cotton
  • Interest in Arabian Goods
  • Trade
  • Introduction to Islamic advances in math, science, technology, and philosophy






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A New Beginning

Why the Renaissance started in Italy:

  • Growing urban areas
  • Patrons such as Medici Family
  • Venice and FLorence=busy seaports
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Awesome Things About the Renaissance

  • New found interest in Greek and Roman culture
  • Realistic art
  • Secular lifestyles
  • Scientific advancements
  • Self pride
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How the Renaissance Differs from Dark/Middle Ages

(Even though the Renaissance overlaps the Late Middle Ages!)
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By Sarah Garzione and Nora Collins