Pearl Harbor

Question One

Explain why the japanese bombed Pearl Harbor?? America did not want Japan to expand into China. The U.S moved there naval base to Pearl Harbor all the way from San Diego California.This put the U.S 5000 miles closer to Japan.Japan was angered and took it as a threat. Thats when they decided they were going to launch a surprise attack on the U.S.
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Question 2

Describe what happened before Pearl Harbor???Germany and many other countries were at war.Japans empire was slowely expanding and moving into parts of China.Half of the world was at war and the U.S was trying to stay out of it.
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Question 3

Explain what happened after Pearl Harbor??The U.S was very angry and decided to enter the war.United Kingdom was happy to have us on their side.The U.S dropped the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945. The two cities were Hiroshima and Nagoski Japan then surendered finally
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By Jacob and Ryan


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