By: Kodi, Jacob, Brandon, and Cracka

When reading the book Frankenstein one of the biggest questions you come across is, Who is the real monster in this book? We think Victor is the real monster in Frankenstein.


Had to learn all on his own. His first experience was people throwing rocks at him and attacking him. When that is you first experience you wont learn the right way. He kills people but he doesn't no better


Victor made a creature that he could not control. He made this creature from dead bodies. When he first woke the creature up he was frightened by it and just ran away and didn't do anything about. Then it killed people and he didn't admit to creating the creature that killed the people.

Another question is what is the author trying to write about in this book?

We think that the author wrote this because she was trying to get people to think about what they do before they do it. If you do something that you dont think out it might turn out to be bad and then you get yourself into trouble like Victor in the book Frankenstein.
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