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Go Google: Google Drive

What is Google Drive?

It’s a program that allows you to create and store documents in the cloud for free. With an Internet connection, you can access your documents and files from any computer. Additionally, individuals can work on a shared document together in real time.


What is “The Cloud”?

The Cloud is nothing new – it’s been around for decades. Someone just finally came up with a catchy name for it. It refers to things stored online (instead of on your computer.) If you save a file on your computer, you can only access it from your computer (unless you emailed it to yourself, or saved it on a flash drive.) However, if you upload a file to GoogleDrive you can access it from any computer in the world.


Accessing Your Google Drive

Need district account or a gmail account . . . then . . .

  • Chromebook access
  • desktop/laptop/PC access
  • web address access -

Google Drive Folders

  • My Drive
  • Shared With Me
  • Starred
  • Recent
  • Trash

Folders & Files in Google Drive

Create folders/files and files in folders

Delete folders/files

Rename folders/files

Move folders/files

Sharing folders/files

Uploading Files

Explain setting choices and how to get to upload settings (gear button).

  • Word Document - as a Word doc vs a Google Doc. Example of possible changes:
  • .jpg
  • videos

Organize Your Drive . . .

  • Student-made folders (be sure to switch ownership back to you, the teacher)
  • Copying files and folders from Shared with Me
  • Create year folders

Google Docs

Using a shared Google document.

Brantley's group

Nolting's group

Whitfield's group

Middle School

Google Doc tools and features.

Examples of Use . . .

  • Sharing Keyboarding folder with 6th grade class
  • Classes complete assignments within folder shared between me and that student to turn work in.
  • Students typing essays for Comm Arts class. Finish at home. Print!
  • Google presentations created by SPED students and then shared with the teacher.
  • Your turn!
This is Google Drive

Your Google Drive Task

Your Google Drive task for this week will be to create a Google Doc and share with everyone in your class and your instructor.

You will first go to your own Google Drive and create a Document. Name your document in the upper left-hand corner. Within your document, please include a title, your name, your question you want us to answer, and a table for us to type in. When you have your document finished, you will then share that document with each person in your group, along with your instructor. The topic of your shared document should be something you could eventually do with your classes!


Google Blog -

Uploading and Syncing files -

Google Drive Help Center -

A Wiki How To . . .

Short 30 second video overviewing all the cools things to do with Drive!

13 minute video showing 6 reasons why Google Drive is so awesome! -