Fraction Fun

Funky Fun Fractions

Sally Wants To Share

Sally bought 3/8 of candy if she wanted to share 2/4 of her candy. How much candy will her friend get? First you find a common denominator then you subtract the numerators from each other’s, and you’ll get your answer. 6/16 - 8/16= 2/16. After you get your answer you should simplify if possible. 2/16= 1

Another problem

Billy Brings Candy

Billy wants to give sally 3/5 of his candy how much candy will she have now. Since sally has 1/8 of candy she'll need to find a common denominator. If I multiply 3/5 x 8= 24/40, and 1/8 x 5= 5/40. So after finding the common denominator you’ll add the numerators. 29/40 and simplify the problem. But there is no smaller form than this therefor sally will now have 29/40 candies.