By: Amatullah Hassanali

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is achieving success despite having adversities along the way. In this newsletter, the people I have included are my cousin, Lorenzo Santillan from "Spare Parts", Rachet and Rachet's Dad from "This Journal belongs to Rachet", Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, and Caine from "Caine's Arcade." I have included these people because of their perseverance they displayed throughout their adversities. The purpose of this newsletter is to show that just about anyone can show perseverance and can overcome their adversities if they just believe in themselves.

My Cousin, Burhanuddin (Description)

My cousin had to deal with a huge adversity that led to him passing away. He is my first cousin and was very close to me. He was a funny guy, and was a ping-pong player and won a lot of championships at his school. He has a lot of conviction for his education and his family. For example, when he first noticed signs on his cancer, he was sent to the hospital to see what it was. It was a lump. He had start chemo and see like how much he would need of it. At that time, his championships were starting at his school for ping-pong. He insisted that he wanted to participate because he really loved that sport; and so he did. He ended up winning the championships and was going to state, but that's when things got serious. In 2012, he was diagnosed with cancer and had to suffer for about 6 months before the cancer overwhelmed him and he passed away. He was sent to India to receive chemotherapy and other medications but it was too late. He suffered a lot because he was constantly moved around to see if they could help him but it didn’t work out. He was a very noble guy; he loved to just have fun and just go with the flow; he was basically complacent about life.

This is a picture for chemotherapy and words that relate to that.

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Lorenzo Santillan- From Adversities to Triumph (Cause and Effect)

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Rachet vs. Dad on adversities (Compare and Contrast)

Ratchet: She has to face adversities on fitting in with the other people her age. She gets teased on not being like them, and that she doesn’t have a lot of money and clothes. She also gets teased on not having a proper education because she is home schooled by her father. On the other hand, her father is a mechanic and fixes car and often doesn’t care for what he looks he looks like and also embarrasses himself; which makes Rachet feel embarrassed and overwhelmed by her dad. She also doesn’t have a mom which makes it harder for Ratchet to share her feelings about getting teased and about her feelings on her dad.

Dad: The dad also had to face adversities. He has to deal with getting money to provide support for Rachet. He has to earn money through doing a business of fixing cars. In the book, it says that he is actually pretty intelligent, and knows a lot about global-warming and says that "If we don't cut the trees, Moss Tree Park could be saved." He also wants to save the Moss Tree Park, so he goes through a lot of meetings where he basically embarrass himself. He had to deal with his daughter who at times was his side and remains adhere to him, but she was also a little embarrassed of him as well.

Both deal with adversities in their lives, which causes them to against each other at times when they don't agree. But in the end, they are the ones who adhere to each other the most.

This is a picture of the cover of the book, "This Journal belongs to Ratchet."

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Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg's Advesities to Gain Success (Problem & Solution)

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Caine Monroy's Steps to Overcome His Adversities

Caine had to face through many adversities when building and showcasing his arcade. First was when he had to use materials that were laying around. He didn’t have any special kind of material to build the arcade, but he managed with a lot of cardboard and other materials. Next was that when people would come to the shop, no one would actually come, but finally someone showed up and actually played at Caine’s Arcade. And finally he experienced triumph in his life; a lot of people gathered around to play Caine's arcade and it was a huge hit. Caine had a lot of conviction that people would come and play; he was persistence towards his goal.

This is a picture of Caine Monroy, who built Caine's Arcade.

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