Team News 5.27

Daring Greatly in Faith, Academics, & Service for SMCS

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It's the LAST WEEK.

Put that last tank of gas in and let's go!! Remember to have fun this week and to keep your eyes on all students at all times. Keep them BUSY with meaningful work.

Once your grades are in, please do not resort to only showing movies--I ask that you limit to only ONE movie this week.

This is a fabulous week to practice gratitude with your students to write to a member of our community (especially the parish or our 8th grade parents!!). Ideas below!

If you would like, I am happy to come in a teach for 30 minutes in your class. Let me know when and I am there!!

Great week for team building exercises with your kids, to detox/organize/clean up the room, build a summer bucket list, have STREAM challenge project where students build something, go outside and clean up the school grounds, play a class game--kick ball, apples to apples family edition, trivia, etc. The key is to keep your students occupied at all times and limit the amount of "free time."

Please remember our tech policies dictate that tech is only to be used for school activities and limited to teacher designated sites--that means not allowing students to have free time on computers/iPads/their cell phones to search anything and everything they would like.

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Gratitude --Mental Health Awareness Month

This month is Mental Health Awareness Month. Incredible studies have shown the positive effects of practicing gratitude on our own psyches.

This month, please have your class take time to write out some thank you's to someone you might not think of, someone who has supported your classroom or that person that lives like St. Therese---doing the ordinary in an extraordinary way! Think St. Vincent de Paul Team, Ms. Jan, the Thrift Store Team, our front office team--Lori, Rosa, Molly, the Cafeteria, our Library, parent volunteers, Title 1..... Please email me when your class decides--let them vote! Do a few! Take some time to deliver in person!


Please make sure all grades, skill sets and conduct grades are finalized by Wednesday at 5PM.
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End of Year Wrap Up: June 3 and June 4

June 3 we will have a few closing PD starting at 8AM.

Please meet us in the CHURCH for Mass at 8:15AM and we will take it from there. Dress comfortably. We will end by 1PM (more likely sooner) so you can get into your rooms. Lunch provided. Required for Full Time/Part Time Ministry Agreement Personnel. Optional but strongly encouraged for hourly personnel.

June 4: No formal programming. Workday to clean up your rooms.

11:30AM Team Lunch---Hearty salad and baked potato lunch--bring your favorite toppings to share--for salad or potatoes. I will bring the salad mix, a protein, dressings, and potatoes.

Position Openings for Next Year

2nd Grade

3rd Grade Homeroom, 3rd/4th Math and Science, 3rd SS, 3rd Religion

Let me know if your teaching load is saying it's time for a change!

Anyone? Can you go? Tech Conference in Galveston, June 9 to 11

We got the funds. Are you going? Mrs. Daigle will be attending. Can you go? I'd like for as many PreK to 5th (MS too!!) to attend if your summer schedule allows. School will pay your registration fee AND lodging.

Link below with info.

I can only go to June 9 due a week-long principal in-service starting June 10 and beyond (pray for me). If you can go, go!! It will be awesome.

This is for all as it's integrating tech into every part of the day. Please email me by the end of the day Tuesday.

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This Week's Scheduled Interruptions/Off Campus/Subbing

Tuesday: Middle School FInals.

Wednesday: Middle School Finals, All school to Magik Theater Performance in Gym at 1:30PM

Thursday: Kinder Graduation in Gym


8:15AM All School Mass

11AM All School End of Year Awards Ceremony in Gym

Mrs. Hernandez (Late arrival), Mrs. Torres (12PM leaving) and Mrs. Geri (2PM leaving)

If you're not on here, I don't have it in Paylocity or Email. Please let me know ASAP.

Mass Information

This week's leaders: 7th Grade with Teachers, Students for Mass Readings and Serving, Teachers for Intercessions, Students+Teachers for Gifts

Thank you!

This Week's Prayer Leaders

Mrs. VanZandt

See everyone at 7:45AM!

Gratitude from the past week

Thank you to...

  • Our team members that were able to take time from their holiday weekend to celebrate our last parish all school mass of the year.
  • Our Talent Show Team, Mrs. Torres, Mrs. Mechtel and Mrs. Jetter AND our team members that were able to attend for an awesome show to bring our community together.
  • Coach Garcia for a spirited awards banquet and for getting so much parent support.
  • The front office, kitchen team, Mr. Victor and Ms. Maria for a GORGEOUS 8th-grade reception in the parish hall.
  • Mrs. Ortiz and the MS team for a beautiful graduation ceremony with poised 8th graders.
  • Our teachers and team members that covered and supported our graduation day schedule.
  • All teachers for your flexibility with last minute schedule changes (including lunch in the classroom).
  • All of you for those random acts of kindness and St. Therese-doing small things with BIG love---moments that go unnoticed publicly, but keep our community thriving and remind us that God is good (i.e. cleaning the lounge when we leave things, staying behind the end of an event to help clean, washing dishes left behind, jumping in to do someone's duty when life happens, etc.)

I know I have forgotten a thousand other things to be grateful for this past week--there's so much. I thank you all for daring greatly in faith, academics, and service. Keep roaring, dragons!

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