Kevin Plank

and Under Armour

Kevin's idea takes off.

Kevin started as the young boy from Baltimore who grew up to be a millionaire. It all started when he was the Special Teams Coach for the University of Maryland and he noticed the cotton shirt under the pads were soaked with sweat. So Kevin made his own shirt out of a different fabric and gave it to all the players on the team, along with the graduates entering the NFL. After so much positive feed back, Plank decided to expand his business and it took off. No other company had ever supplied a shit like Plank's before and many tried to duplicate their own. Now, Plank's business is considered one of the biggest athletic empires in the world.

Some of Plank's Revolutionary Gear

Under Armour All-American

Under Armour has been the host for the All-American football, baseball, lacrosse and many other games.

Under Armour Headquarters

Located in Kevin Plank's hometown of Baltimore, Maryland

More About Kevin

He was the son of the mayor of Maryland during the Reagan administration. He also went to the University of Maryland for college and married Desiree Guerzon in 2003. Plank has one child, named James. Plank never planned on being an entrepreneur until he noticed the shirts soaked and sweat and he decided to act on it creating the empire it is today. Today UA has made over 1.9 Billion dollars in Gross Profit. Plank is basically an 'Average Joe' that made himself a billionaire off an idea. I admire Plank because of his ambition to make something happen with an idea that he had, one day i hope to be like Plank and chase after an idea that i have.