Cell Oganells

Taylor Harbin and Charitie luper

Cell Organells

Organelles are found only in eukaryotic cells and are absent from thecells of prokaryotes such as bacteria. The nucleus, the mitochondrion, the chloroplast, the Golgi apparatus, the lysosome, and the endoplasmic reticulum are all examples of organelles.
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Cell Organelle chart


cell wallplant, not animal*outer layer
*rigid, strong, stiff
*made of cellulose*support (grow tall)
*allows H2O, O2, CO2 to pass into and out of cell

cell membraneboth plant/animal*plant - inside cell wall
*animal - outer layer; cholesterol
*selectively permeable*support
*controls movement of materials in/out of cell
*barrier between cell and its environment
*maintains homeostasis

nucleusboth plant/animal*large, oval*controls cell activities

nuclear membraneboth plant/animal*surrounds nucleus
*selectively permeable*Controls movement of materials in/out of nucleus

cytoplasmboth plant/animal*clear, thick, jellylike material and organelles found inside cell membrane*supports /protects cell organelles

reticulum (E.R.)both plant/animal*network of tubes or membranes*carries materials through cell

ribosomeboth plant/animal*small bodies free or attached to E.R.*produces proteins

mitochondrionboth plant/animal*bean-shaped with inner membranes*breaks down sugar molecules into energy

vacuoleplant - few/large
animal - small*fluid-filled sacs*store food, water, waste (plants need to store large amounts of food)

lysosomeplant - uncommon
animal - common*small, round, with a membrane*breaks down larger food molecules into smaller molecules
*digests old cell parts

chloroplastplant, not animal*green, oval usually containing chlorophyll (green pigment)*uses energy from sun to make food for the plant (photosynthesis)


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