Sixth Grade Science

What's Going On?

Happy New Year! 2016 is the Year of the Monkey

Can you believe Presidents' Day is next weekend? Time is sure flying by! I feel like we've just returned from the December holiday break, and February vacation is right around the corner.

We've been working hard during Science classes to understand the theory of plate tectonics, faults and changes in and on the earth. Volcanoes and earthquakes are just two of the causes of destructive and constructive forces we've been examining. As we move into March, we'll be adding erosion and weathering to the forces that impact Earth's surface.

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Due to weather last weekend, the FONPS Spelling Bee has been postponed until Friday, February 12th. CPS has three student/teacher teams entered for competition this year! Come on down to cheer on your friends and help support the FONPS.