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The Most Up-to-Date News in the New Kingdom of Egypt

Welcome to the New Kingdom News

Welcome to the New Kingdom News! We have the most up-to-date news in the New Kingdom. Today, we focus on our pharaoh, Ramses II, and his plans for the future. We will be reflecting on our past pharaohs and what they did. Also included in this weeks article are delicious recipes that can be made with easy to find ingredients, and an exclusive look at King Ramses' new temples and much more.

Today's Articles

Remembering Egypt's Past Pharaohs

Ahmose – The Pioneer of the New Kingdom

Ahmose was in the royal family that ruled over Thebes while Egypt was mostly controlled by the Hyksos. Ahmose's father and brother wanted Egypt to be restored to it's former glory and unfortunately died in the fight. Ahmose was young at this time and trained for the next years of his life to defeat the Hyksos. When he was finally ready, he took his army to fight and won over Egypt.

Hatshepsut – The Woman Pharaoh

Hatshepsut was the daughter of Thutmose I and was promised she would be the pharaoh; however, Thutmose I had a son named Thutmose II. When Thutmose I died, nobles decided Thutmose II should be pharaoh so Hatshepsut married him so she could be powerful also. Thutmose II mysteriously died when his son, Thutmose III, was only a child so the nobles ruled Hatshepsut could co-rule with Thutmose III. Hatshepsut was the pharaoh that send out the trading ship that brought Egypt bananas and was well-liked by some, but not accepted by others. When Hatshepsut never told Thutmose III he was the pharaoh, but Thutmose III found out. Hatshepsut mysteriously died and Thutmose III tried to erase all mention of her in Egypt.

Thutmose III – The Conquerer

After finding out that he was the pharaoh of Egypt and not Hatshepsut, Thutmose III erased all mention of Hatshepsut in Egypt. He loved military so for about 20 years, Thutmose III was fighting enemies. Thutmose III was the cause of Egypt's huge expansion. He transformed our Egypt from a country, into an empire.

Amenhoteb – The Rebel of Religion

Not too long ago, a pharaoh of ours not only defied art, his role in our life but even changed our own religion. This man was Amenhotep and he even changed his name to Akhenaten to serve the sun god Aten of Egypt’s new monotheistic religion. He let Egypt fall to ruins as he lived and prayed to his new god in his new capital dedicated to the sun god Aten. It is hard for the people to understand his reasons but many were downright outraged.

Tutankhamun – The Young Pharaoh

King tut, the boy king. He was 9 years old when he first took the throne. His reign started after his crazy father, Amenhoteb II, died. King Tut is known for he great decision to change back the religion. He reigned for a very short time. He died when he was 19 years old. We are still not sure about how he died but we are getting closer to finding out the mystery.

Ramses II – The God on Earth

Ramses II, the son of Ramses II, was about 25 years of age when he became Pharaoh of Egypt. He has been reigning for 14 years now. Some of his wives are his own relatives! He has over 75 sons and over 50 daughters by now. In his fourth year as pharaoh, Ramses was fighting in Assyria in a series of campaigns against the Hittites and their allies.

Delicious Recipes Made of Easy to Find Ingredients

Have you ever wanted a delicious snack with cheap and easy to find ingredients?

I know I have. Here are three delicious snacks that you can make with easy to find ingredients.


5 lb dried fava beans

2 to 4 crushed cloves of garlic

Soak beans for 12 hours and then put them in a pan. Cover the beans with fresh water and then boil and simmer until tender. Drain and the water and then add crushed garlic. Season the beans and then serve hot. The beans taste nice served with eggs.


Use 200g of fresh dates blended with a little water. Then, add a sprinkle of cinnamon and chopped walnuts for taste. Shape the dates into balls and coat them in honey. Finally, ground the almonds and your delicious treat is complete.


Take a small quantity of barley flour and mix it with warm water. Make the dough into a round mound. Make a dent in the centre and approximately half way through, mark it with a cross using a knife. Place the dough on a plate and fill the dent with water. Leave this in a warm place for a few days to ferment the dough and it will split open. The dough is then ready to use as yeast to make bread.

New Temple Being Created

It has just been announced that Ramses is planning to build a huge temple dedicated to himself. This new temple is called Abu Simbel. Ramses has claimed that on October 22, the anniversary of his coronation day, light from the sun will shine on a statue of him and Ammon. The statue represents Ramses being as important as the gods. This temple is expected to take around 15-20 years to build. Abu Simbel will be a temple complex, originally cut into a solid rock cliff, in southern Egypt and located at the second cataract of the Nile River. For however long it actually takes, this temple will be huge and important in Egypt.

In addition to Abu Simbel, Ramses has announced the construction of a second temple for beloved wife, Nefertari. The tower’s front is expected to include two statues of Nefertari and four of Ramses; each being about 25-35 feet tall.

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What Weather Will Do to Our Crops

Here in Egypt, it is usually very hot – and our crops can withstand the heat; however, it has started to get colder. Can Egypt's crops survive this frigid weather? New Kingdom News interviewed Ptahoteb Stepenre, a grain farmer, about what he thinks about the icy temperature. He said, "I think the weather will effect our crops here... it could cause a shortage of food. However, it is fate and what Maahes wanted." Ptah is worried so he has started rationing food. He suggests that citizens of Egypt should also start to ration.

However, this is our agricultural report of this year.

Right now, it is the beginning of harvest season here in Pi-Ramses, the capital of Egypt. It is the middle of of May and we all must know how the crops have done. From what we know so far about this year’s harvest, we know that grains like wheat excelled in growth but barley did not do very well. This has brought some concerns to Egypt about the beer supply but hopefully people will improvise by using the barley that was grown. Vegetables like corn, beans, and onions grew in large numbers, and others like cabbages, cucumbers, and lettuce grew in smaller numbers. Pomegranates grew in medium numbers and melons were very abundant. As you can see, this year’s harvest was very interesting, but wait! There is more.

What do Citizens Think of Ramses II?

Today, we asked what the people of Egypt feel about the reign of Ramses II and the current conditions they are living under because of his reign. Here are their responses:

Neferet, a fruit vendor says, “I am very glad that Ramses II has protected our kingdom very well with his strong demeanor. I like him very well but I am concerned about one thing. He is playing with the gods by saying that he is just important as Ra or Isis, and I think that, that will bring bad fortunes to our land.Otherwise, he is treating his kingdom very nicely in my opinion, he gives us less taxes and tries to give us better living conditions. Overall, I think that Egypt will only benefit from this man.”

User, a city merchent, says, "I like the fact that Ramses puts himself at the rank of the major gods because it enhances self-worship of higher ranking people in our society. The fact that he is making two temples for him and his wife. That is right! I said two huge temples for him and his wife! She is just a woman! Already I have seen a decrease in the amount of limestone in the city and I hope no one dies because a building crashes. Ramses II for me is a good guy, but he has some issues."

Royal Scribe is Killed

Breaking News! One of Ramses’ royal scribe's body was just found in near the Nile. He has multiple slash marks on his body and head. It was rumored that the scribe was sent by Ramses to chisel a message to passing people living near the Nile on a huge slab of limestone by the spot of the death. Investigators are still looking into this tragic death. We will get back to you when we find the murderer.

Fashion Bash

Welcome to the fashion bash! Here we have the latest and newest tippity-top trends that all the people in town must know about.

For the ladies, there is the new kalasiris prometheus dress. It is made out of fine linen imported from the land of Punt is streaked golden dust on the sides. It is a wider dress that provides room for the legs to move freely without sticking to the pant legs. Near the neck, there's a beautiful carnelian gem that is mined near the Sinai Peninsula. Take a look at it, and you will want it. Come by your local clothing store to check it out, and see if you can get it!

For the men, there is the latest shendyt canti dress. It is made out of imported cloth from the lands of Assyria and is hand woven by weavers here in Pi-Ramses. Turquoise is melted down into liquid and dried onto parts of the shendyt from various mines from around Egypt.

For the children, there is the outstanding Electrocute bracelet. Gold and silver are mined throughout Egypt and are brought to a jewellers shop, where he melts the two, and pours them into a bracelet mold. The two cool off together to form a metallic luster full of gold and silver. This is up for a cheap price, and children all over town really want it!

To all of the readers of this article, don’t miss this awesome chance to trade for these amazing clothes. You won’t regret it!