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In Indonesia, there is a president and a vice president who remain in office for five years. They have Democratic and republic representative. This is considered multi-party system.


It is a huge archipelago of volcanic islands. It is about 1/5 the size of the United States. The country's islands stretch 3,200 miles south of the equator. Their total land of Indonesia covers 1,811,569 Square Kilometers. It borders Malaysia, Timor-Leste, and Papua New Guinea. 12.34% of Indonesia is arable, it is mostly coastal lowlands; larger islands have more interior mountains. It is surrounded by the Pacific and Indian Ocean. It contains the most volcanoes in a country in the world. It is made up of 17,508 islands.


The languages include Bahasa Indonesia ( Official Language, and most spoken), English, Dutch, Local Dialects ( Of which is lively spoken is Javanese). In Indonesia more than 700 languages are used.


In Indonesia for almost every meal they eat rice, and they like to make and fly kites. For every family the dad or father is the head of the family and provides almost everything for the family and manages the money. Soccer is the primary and most popular sport in Indonesia.
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Indochinese is rich in natural resources, but most of them remain undeveloped. The primary crops included rice, rubber, soybeans, copra, tea, cassava, palm oil, coffee and peanuts. Petroleum, liquid natural gas and manufacturing goods account for the bulk of the export earnings. Their currency is the Indonesian Rupiah. Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and spends about 199 billion dollars on exports.
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Their climate is usually tropical and hot humid and more moderate and high lands. It has a lot of heavy monsoons which brings a lot of rainfall and mountains are much cooler. There are some arid regions but not a lot. Temperatures average 72-84*F throughout the year. The North Coastal Plains may reach 94 degrees throughout the dry season.
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Most Indonesians (87 percent) are Muslim. Indonesia is home to the world's largest Muslim population; the majority consider themselves only moderately religious. The Javanese are predominantly Muslim. About 10 percent of the Indonesian population is Christian (mostly Protestant) and 2 percent is Hindu. Some northern areas are predominantly Christian. The tribes in the Kalimantan provinces and Papuans on New Guinea practice animistic religions or Christianity, maintain tight kinship bonds, and have a clan-oriented economic and social life. The people in Bali are mostly Hindu and belong to traditional kinship groups. Many Chinese are Buddhists.

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Indonesia has a couple of neighboring countries such as Papa New Guinea, East Timor, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Australia.
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GDP in Indonesia

The Indonesia's GDP is $5,200 Per Capita
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Literacy Rate

The male Literacy Rate is 95.6% and female is 90.1%.
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Infant Mortality

In Indonesia, the Infant Mortality is 25.16 deaths per every 1,000 Live Births.
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