Holifield Happenings

November 13, 2014

Upcoming Events

Nov. 17 (Mon) - Weather Log due

Nov. 18 (Tues) - Science notebook due

Nov. 19 (Wed) - 4th/5th Grade Beta Club meeting (7:15) & Math Assessment

Nov. 20 (Thurs) - Student Council Meeting (7:15)

Nov. 25 (Tues) - Carolina/Clemson Day

Nov. 26 - 28 (Wed-Fri) - No School... Happy Thanksgiving!

Dec. 2 (Tues) - 4th Grade Beta Club (7:15)

Dec. 4 (Thurs) - Interims go home

Dec. 11 (Thurs) - 2nd/3rd Escolares Musical (6:00)

Dec. 12 (Fri) - 2nd/3rd Escolares Musical (1:30)

Dec. 19 (Fri) - Party Rock & Holiday Sing-a-long

Dec. 22 (Mon) - Jan. 2 (Fri) - Winter Break

Jan. 5 (Mon) - Return to school :-)

Life Skill of the Month

The character trait for the end of October and into November is Responsibility. I will be looking for students who display responsibility throughout the week. One student will be chosen each week. In addition to a certificate, that child will be entered into a drawing to earn a slushy from the cafeteria. They will also earn the right to wear the Hero cape from our classroom around the school for the next week.

This week's focus is "Goal Oriented".

Beta Club Meeting on Wednesday

There has been a change for the next meeting. We will meet with the 5th grade again on the 19th to elect officers. The meeting time will not change (7:15). We are planning to meet In the Science Lab, but please have your child check with Mrs. Frick or Mrs. Hill when they come in that morning to make sure that nothing has changed.


As you have probably heard, we finished Maniac Magee yesterday! Oh, how I love this book! It has character lessons, figurative language galore, interesting text features, and so much more! I love using this book to teach because it allows me to model my thinking while reading. One chapter might only be a page and a half of text but spark a 10-minute discussion! The plot breaks my heart on so many levels, but ends so well!! I miss Jeffrey already!

We will have one more Edmodo quiz for the end of the book. It will be posted by Monday and will need to be completed by next Friday. Please make sure your child takes the time to find the meaning of any words they don't understand in the questions and/or answers. They can talk to you about the questions if they need help clarifying what the question is asking.


Hopefully, our TIME articles will be finished by Tuesday, and we will move on to Personal Narratives.


Weather Logs are due on Monday. Please make sure your child remembers to complete the reflection (Part III).


We are all in different places with problem solving with multiplication and division. When I graded the Halloween Word Problem sheets, it was eye-opening for all of us. Students that typically do not feel as confident in Math found that they did very well, and many students that tend to fly through our Problems of the Day found themselves in shock over their poor performance. Others were frustrated with the small, careless mistakes that led to incorrect answers. In my opinion, it was extremely beneficial!

While I feel that it was a good thing, I do want you to understand that this grade is a classwork grade, and it weighted much less than a quiz or test. If your child did not do well, do not stress about this one grade bringing down their nine weeks grade. It won't.


Please make sure your child is working on ALEKS for at least 30 minutes each week at home.