"We Need a Hero"

What makes a hero?

Problems in today's world.

One of the most prevalent problems in today's world is greed. There are people in this world who don't care about anything except for money.

What's that in the sky

In order to solve this problem we need a hero. One who will teach those who have everything what it is like to have nothing.

Charatersistics of the Hero

  • "Those who have nothing, give the most."
  • They have come from a child hood full of poverty and understand what it means to have nothing. They don't want everyone to feel the same, but they don't want those who have more than enough to be overcome by it and let it rule their lives.
  • They serve justice with a passion that has developed over years of watching those who have nothing suffer while those with everything do nothing about it.
  • The have nothing but respect for everyone, but look down upon those whose greed overcomes their life.
  • Will do everything possible to prevent the problem from evolving, but will follow all laws and rules.
  • They stand with a since of pride and courage. When you look them in the eyes you can see that they share the same pain as those who are suffering. When they speak you get the sense that they really want to help.