This Week in Band


WMS Concert is Thursday, December 9th at 6:30pm

Thanks for your patience on the delay of this week's newsletter. I was waiting back on important details before I wanted to send it out.

On Thursday, December 9th at 6:30pm the MS will be having their band concert. Call time for musicians will be 6pm, so they can warm up and get ready!

Due to COVID and spacing, each musician is allowed to bring two people to the concert.

A reminder about recommended concert attire:

-Black Button up Shirt or Blouse (Polos are fine)

-Black Slacks or Skirt that goes below the knees

-Black socks

-Black shoes

If you are having trouble financially being able to acquire this concert attire, please fill out this form ASAP so we can help!

Elementary Band Assingments

Every elementary band student has been invited to either the classroom Band Grade 4 or Band Grade 5. Please make sure that your musician accepts the google classroom request!

In Elementary School we have two band assignments each week:

Listening Logs-Each musician should look up an artist on youtube of their instrument (flute players watch flute players/percussionists watch percussionists) for at least 3 minutes and then fill out the form attached to it.

Practice Sheets-Each musician should practice at least 60 minutes a week-about 10 minutes a day with a day off. Have each musician fill out the form attached.

These assignments are due each Friday!

HS Music Listening

HS percussionists-here are the links to our music:

Brazilian Sleigh Bells (I will continue to find a better recording)


These will be our two tunes for our HS concert on 12/14!

MS Music Listening

Here are the professional recordings of the pieces that we will be performing for our winter concert:


First Holiday Concert

Ancient Hunters


Black Forest Overture

Jolly Old Sleigh Ride

Jingle Bells and Jungle Drums

A fun way to practice is to play with the recordings! Enjoy!

Grades Updated every Monday on Google Classroom (MS/HS)

Every Friday at the MS/HS has two to three assignments due each week (MS-listening logs, practice sheets, and a flipgrid assignment; HS-listening logs and a flipgrid assignment). Please make sure to turn each week's assignments by Friday so each musician's grade can be updated to reflect their work every Monday.

My philosophy is that assignments are about mastery of the subject being asked, not the timing of when it is done. I do not mark down for late assignments. Please make sure to turn in all assignments for the grade that each musician deserves!

Elementary Lesson Schedule

Elementary Lesson Schedule

Monday Hosmer

8:30-9:05 Casciano/Thieman and Doherty; 4th Grade

9:20-10:00 Domermuth/Twomey and Bellis; 5th Grade

Tuesday Lowell

8:30-9:05 Blackwood and Stezzi/Cachimuel; 4th Grade

9:20-10:00 Burton and Sudbay/Walker; 5th Grade

Wednesday Hosmer

8:30-9:05 Mattson, O'Leary, and Stone; 4th Grade

9:20-10:00 Psychoghios and Marsland; 5th Grade

Thursday Cunniff

8:30-9:05 All 4th Grade

9:20-10:00 All 5th Grade

Friday Lowell

8:30-9:05 Antonellis 4th Grade

9:20-10:00 Brodeur 5th Grade

Clarinet and Saxophone players-Reed Talk!

As we all are getting settled into school, one of the quickest ways for clarinets and saxophones to instantly sound better is to have a set of quality reeds.

Being a saxophone/clarinetist myself, it's important for how good each person sounds so they can work on other things. Having a set of quality reeds makes that easier!

Here are the only type of reeds that I recommend:

Clarinet Reeds

Elementary strength 2.5, 6th Grade strength 3, 7th/8th strength 3.5

Bass Clarinet Reeds

Strength 3

Alto Saxophone Reeds

Elementary/6th strength 2.5, 7th/8th strength 3

Tenor Saxophone Reeds

Elementary/6th strength 2.5, 7th/8th strength 3

Upcoming Performances (MS/HS)

12/9 6:30pm MS Winter Concert***

12/14 HS Winter Concert

*HS +Invite only

Gift Items for the Band Student

Here are some ideas if you are thinking of getting your band student some quality goods.

Want to be get better, quicker? PRIVATE LESSONS are the way to go!

Here is a great resource for private lesson instructors in the area. Private lessons are the quickest way for your budding musician to grow! Any questions? Ask me!

Join us on Remind!

We are going to be using Remind this year to communicate as well. I would recommend at least one parent and student (if they have a cell phone) to join their respective class:

6th Grade Band

7th/8th Grade Band

HS Percussion Ensemble