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Team Newsletter for the Week of September 19th - Issue 8


As you know, we are (and will continue to) steadily work to improve our programs and offerings, for both guests and artists alike. Here are a few of the recent changes that have been made:

- PRIVATE PARTIES - We have added an incentive for hosts and hostesses of private parties and that is that the host(ess) gets to paint for FREE!! We thought this would be a fantastic incentive for people to start really trying to gather folks together to bring them to the studio!

- ART BUZZ KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES - We have added an incentive for parents who are looking to book their child's party and that is the birthday kiddo gets to paint for FREE!!

- ARTISTS - We have added an incentive for ARTISTS (YES, YOU!!) who find and book Private Parties for our studio! Not only do you automatically get to teach the party (guaranteed money) but you will now receive an additional $25 for each party you bring into the studio! That is $85 for a 2 hour party!! 1-2-3-GO!!

Sneak Peek at December (yep...already in the works)


In all of the events we have been working as well as executing the first month of our very detailed 18-month Marketing Campaign, we have been hard at work trying to create partnerships with local businesses and organizations. I wanted to take a few moments to tell you about some exciting partnerships that we are currently developing and planning with.

The Marriot at City Center - I can't even begin to tell you how HUGE of a partnership this is for us. From large corporate conferences to smaller business meetings, our partnership with the Marriot will allow us to "gain entry" as the number one choice for fun, relaxing, and interactive activities and team building opportunities that these companies look for when developing schedules for annual get-togethers with their team. Kristen and I are making plans for a meeting and presentation with their front-desk staff, General Manager, and Marketing Director to educate them on what we have to offer so they can adequately pitch our offerings to their clients. In return, we refer ANY AND EVERYONE...even strangers on the street that we hear of looking for a place to stay to the Marriot...and we ask that you kindly do the same.

Newport News Parks, Recreation, and Tourism - We met the Special Events Coordinator this past Saturday at the Brazilian Festival. She LOVED what we were doing and invited us to be a part of the Oyster point Oyster Roast on Friday, October 23rd from 5PM-10PM (Any of you available and interested in being a part of this??) doing exactly what we did Saturday--one tent for marketing and networking--one tent that offered miniature adult and kids painting classes.

Paragon Theater - We had the pleasure of meeting Bruce Farrior, the General Manager of all three of the businesses under Paragon Entertainment, the Paragon Theater, Neo Grill, and My Pi, at the Business Expo earlier this month. We spoke about teaming up for various events and cross promotions beginning with a Hotel Transylvania event in the next week. We are creating a painting to correlate with the film and will be advertising a one-hour class for kiddos and sending them to the Paragon afterwards for a 2-hour film viewing with snacks.

Transitions - This is a local women's domestic violence shelter. We are donating a painting and/or gift certificate for their Casino Night fundraiser, which is coming up in October. In addition, we are partnering with them to donate all overstock paintings that we accumulate. This organization helps to arrange housing for these strong women who are braving a new start in life and we are happy to help them beautify their new homes at no cost.

Classes That Have Officially Made This Week

September 22nd - September in Rodanthe - Kristen

September 27th - Dueling Crabs - Cathy

October 10th - Girl Beauty - Kristen

PS. Please also have a look at the calendar as some switching around has taken place as well as changing of names on some classes. I'm pretty sure I notified everyone of any changes, but just to name sure, double check the calendar.

This Week's Words of Wisdom

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See you soon, friends!