With Every Drop of Blood

Author: James Lincoln Collier

Summary of the Book

The narrator Johnny tells the story of how he made a promise to his Pa and when he broke that promise he felt horrible for so many reasons.

Johnny an 11 year old boy is stuck at home helping his mother farm, take care of the mules, clean, cook… etc. While his father Pa is off fighting for the confederate side of the Civil War he get injured. When Pa starts getting better, something happens. Pa gets bad real fast. And pretty soon he die’s, and as he is dying Pa says “Johnny, I want you to promise me you won’t go off and fight in the war. I want you to stay here with your mother and the little ones so you can help out around here, because without you they can barely scrape by”. Johnny has to promise, so he does. But when Johnny get’s an offer to take his mules and a wagon to supply to soldiers, he can’t resist. When they run into the Union side of the war, he get’s captured by a yankee named Cush. Cush and Johnny are beginning to become friends by accident. Then they get left behind by accident. So it’s there chance to escape. As they are hiding out they get caught by the Southerners. They take Cush for a slave. Johnny really wants to save Cush, so he follows them. As he finally get Cush away from them, the war is over. And even though the Confederate didn’t win, Johnny is still glad the war is over.

Facts About the Civil War

  • 2/3 of the men who fought suffered from disease
  • About 800 men burned to death in the Battle of the Wilderness, they were unable to crawl away
  • 2% of all of America died in the Civil War
  • Almost 56,000 men died in prison camps from starvation or disease
  • ¼ of those deaths happened at 1 camp
  • If there was a memorial with names of the men who died like the Vietnam War memorial but for the Civil War, the Civil War would be 10 times longer
  • The youngest boy to fight in the Civil War was only 9 years old
  • The oldest man to fight in the Civil War was 80 years old
  • Most people in the Civil War marched 15-20 miles a day.
  • In the 20 years after the Civil War, the divorce rate went up 150%
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