10 Billion People

By Larry Cardoso

How would it look like?

If the world reached 10 billion it would change the way we are to this very day. People will get angry because their would be barely any space and all of our resources will be disappearing rapidly. And most likely people will starve to death because we would run out of fresh water and it would be difficult for us to produce food. Our atmosphere would change to because of the population. The earth would slowly be drying up until we have used all of our resources.

But we can change that by not wasting so much resources. And by conserving what we have, and people should recycle more or else the earth would get more polluted which will effect us even more.


When we reach 10 billion our planet will start to lose resources rapidly. Then people will go hungry because their wont be enought food to go around. And people will do anything to make more space even if that means chopping down trees to make cities and homes.


I believe that our climate will change because the more our population increases the hotter it will get. Then we will have terrible air quality because of the pollution factories and cars will produce. And as the climate increases they will have to increase manufacturing/products for all the people on the earth.


The biomes will be affected because if the plants in the area are not getting the nutrients they need to live than the biomes will slowly start to die. Considering there producers which are the primary energy source in the biome is dieing. As the producers start to disappear then the herbivores of the biome start to disappear because they have no food to eat. As the herbivores in the biome start to disappear then the carnivores will start to starve because they don't have anything to eat. Not including what the smog ,pollution and dehydration could do to the animals in this situation.

Dehydration will be another big problem, for having so many human on one earth there will be barely any freshwater left to take care of out plants and animals in any biome.

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