Safety First!

Using the Internet Safely

Students and parents,

Using the internet can be fun and educational, but don't forget that there are risks involved! Please go through this flyer together to learn about what you can do to be safe while using the internet. Then, use these tips at school and at home to get the most out of using the internet.

What do you already know about internet safety? Tell each other at least one fact that you already know.

The Basics of Internet Safety:

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Safety Tips:

Now, share with each other one fact (from either the video or the website) that surprised you.

Test Your Knowledge:

Discuss the following situations with each other.

1. To open a website, you have to enter your name, email address, phone number, and hometown. Should you enter this information? Why or why not?

Remember: zip it!

2. You have an email from someone you don't know. Should you open it? Why or why not?

Remember: block it!

3. A friend says something mean to another friend on a social networking site. What do you do? Why?

Remember: flag it!

To Do:

Congratulations! You are an internet safety expert. Remember to be safe on the internet at home and at school. Now go out and teach your siblings and friends about internet safety!
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