Cougar Pride

March 2023

Message from the Administrators

Happy Spring! We are almost to the 4th nine weeks of school and are so proud of the amount of growth our students have made. We truly appreciate all of your donations and contributions to ensure that our Spring Carnival was a success. We were able to raise approximately $3,700. Thank you for your continued support!

Friday, March 10

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Upcoming Campus Events


6-10: College & Career Week

8: Flag Football Game @3:45

4th grade Transition Meeting @ Mata (9am-10am)

10: End of 3rd nine weeks

13-17: Spring Break/No School

20: 1st Day of 4th Nine Weeks

21: Theater Club Meeting @3:45

22: Math Interim Assessment #2

23: Report Cards Go Home

25: Alief Family U Conference @CTD

30: Science AIA # 2

Ace & Gap Meeting @3:45

31: Spring Pictures $5

Spring Testing

Distrct and State spring testing days for 3rd and 4th grade students are listed below. Please begin preparing and discussing with your child the upcoming dates to reduce testing anxiety and encourage them to perform their absolute best during these times. Thank you for your continued support.

March 22: Math Interim Assessment #2

March 30: Science Interim Assessment #2

April 18: ELAR STAAR Assessment

May 2: MATH STAAR Assessment

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Upcoming Field Trips - Kinder & 2nd gr.

Please remember that all parents wishing to attend a field trip must be cleared through the district as a volunteer. This process takes approximately 3-5 weeks to complete background check, processing, etc. The application can be found via

  • April 28th- 2nd grade- Children's Museum
  • May 2nd- Kinder- Children's Museum

Birthday Announcements

Do you want to celebrate your child's birthday in a special way? Well, we have the answer just for you!

You can have your child's name displayed on the school marquee for $10. Messages will be posted for the duration of 1 school day. Submissions and $10 cash must be paid one week in advance for message to be displayed. Late submissions will not be accepted.

If you are interested, please stop by the front office to complete the marquee form and make payment.

--- Alief Family U Conference --- March 25, 2023

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Family Center Calendar - Classes Available

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Counselor's Corner

We are having College and Career Week this month, March 6th through March 10th. Students can dress for success with an outfit or uniform of their favorite career on Friday, March 10th, to show what they would like to be when they grow up. Take time to have conversations with your child to see what careers interests them. You can also explore college campuses together virtually at . It is never too early to get your child interested in their college and career goals.

Our character trait this month is Cooperation. Make sure to join us on Monday, March 6th by wearing green to spotlight our character trait as we continue to support social emotional learning, SEL, with our students. Cooperation is about making sure we know how to be on a team or work in a group towards a common goal.

Here is the definition we are using:

Cooperation: Working together and helping others.

We want students to know how to work hard on their own. But, just as important, we want them to know what it looks like to be a part of a really supportive, helpful, empowering team. We will be thinking about the skills needed to work together well and how each of us contributes to a group in big and small ways. We will think about our strengths and our areas of growth. We will take part in fun challenges to put our teamwork to the test and grow, together, toward the common goal of a more helpful, kind, cooperative world!

Conversation Starters

Sometimes you just feel like doing things all by yourself. What is something that someone can do to help you to get into the spirit of Cooperation?

When we are working with others, it can be tough when a teammate is not cooperating. How do you deal with that frustration? What can you say to the teammate to tell them how you feel?

Talk about a time when you worked on a really effective team. What were the ingredients? What did you contribute? How did they help you?

Questions You Could Ask

What are some activities where it’s easy for you to practice Cooperation? Which activities make it difficult? Why do you think that is?

Do you like working together with other people? Can you name some things you do at home that require Cooperation or teamwork?

Who is someone you love to work with? What makes it easy to Cooperate with them?

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