How to Buy A Healthy Kitten

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Let's Look At It Step By Step!

1. Take a close look at the kitten. Look at its eyes. The kitten should have clear eyes, and

not watery.

2. Now, look at its nose. The nostrils, the two holes in the nose, should be clear. It must not

have any sticky liquid at the nostrils. If the kitten has these signs, the kitten might be sick.

3. Now, look at the ears. It should be clean, without too much dirt or wax-like substance. If the

cat has too much dirt on it, it means the kitten might have mites.

4. Next, look at the fur. Spread the fur and look at the skin. If there is any sores or scabs, the kitten might have fungus (a kind of disease!). Also, check if there is any fleas or flea eggs which looks like black dots.

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5. Last but not least, check the kitten’s litter pan for signs of diarrhea.

Now, you know how to choose a healthy kitten, you can get one from our store! Our kittens and cats are all checked by qualified veterinaries. We guarantee that you will enjoy your time with our healthy, fun and lovable kittens and cats!
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