by Antonella alvarado

Significance of flag🇷🇺

The blue stands for the sky and the Pacific Ocean. White symbolizes the snow covered Andies.

Red represents the blood and sacrifices of citizens to achieve independence. The star represents the guide, progress, and honor.

The population is 17.62 million

Cultural activities & Entertainment

Most Chileans are Roman Catholics, like most other South American countries.

Most popular Holiday: Feast of Saint peter and Paul.

Chilies national #1 sport is fútbol and the #2 sport is rugby.

They listen to different types of music from rap to maramba.

One of the most popular festivals is harvest art festival.

About the country

The country name is chile

It's capital is Santiago

It boarders Peru, Argentina and Bolivia

It's located at the bottom southwest of South Amercia

Top 3 tourist attractions in Chile

3. Valle De la Luna: Its a breath taking desert landscape and the floods of sand and the dunes and stone formations mimic the surface of the moon.

2. Pucon: A beautiful place filled with lakes, beaches, mountains, and volcanos so you can go surfing then skiing.

1. Easter Island: The famous stone heads are located on this beautiful island.