a.k.a Didi

Who is Valdimir?

Vladimir is one of the main male characters from the play Waiting for Godot. He is accompanied in his wait for Godot by Estrogen also known as Gogo. He waits for Godot with Gogo by what he believes to be a willow tree. Vladimir is also known by the nick name Didi. Vladimir is an intelligent person and is known for it by Gogo. In the play Gogo says to Vladimir "Use your intelligence, can't you?" when it comes to hanging themselves from a tree which led me to conclude that Vladimir is intelligent due to Gogo acknowledging him for it. Vladimir is also a caring and compassionate person. He stated in the play " To treat a man...like that...I think that...no...a human being...no...it's a scandal!" Which was said to another character in the play Pozzo due to his treatment towards Lucky another character in the play that is Pozzo's slave. Vladimir is also a determined person. In the play Gogo asked Vladimir "And if he doesn't come?" which referred to Godot the person they are waiting for. Vladimir responded with "We'll come back tomorrow." This shows that he is determined because he is willing to come back to wait for Godot.

Social Construct of Vladimir

There are three social constructs that Vladimir falls into that help define who Vladimir is and portrayed in the story. Right away the name Vladimir led me to believe that he is a male character and to support my belief in the play Vladimir was talking about himself and said "It's too much for one man." This proved to me that Vladimir is a male and falls into the gender part of social construct. Vladimir can be seen as being religious due to him waiting for Godot and referring to the bible about the story of the thieve being saved. Vladimir referred to a story from the bible to Gogo leading me to belive that Vladimir is of some sort of religion "Our saviour. Two thieves. One is supposed to have been saved and the other...damned." In another part of the play Vladimir said "Together again at last! We'll have to celebrate this. But how? Get up till I embrace you." this led me to believe that Vladimir is either a family member of Gogo or at least a close friend because they both wait for Godot and seem to know each other well.
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