My AVID Semester

Ben Nguyen 1-11-16 Grade:7

My Binder Organization

In AVID this semester, I learned how to organize my binder, and it has helped me a lot. One thing, is that it helped me with organizing my notes which, I could find easier to study for a test or quiz. It also helped get me get hundreds for my binder checks in my other classes. Lastly,since we have to hole punch almost all of our papers we receive, when I drop my binder, papers don't fly out and it had been a time saver when it does fall down.

Cornell Notes

In AVID I also learned how to to take Cornell notes, which was easy to to take and easier to study with for a test or quiz. Also taking Cornell notes helped me learn more about what I just took the notes after, because when I finish my notes , I write my summary which helped me reflect on what I've learned. Lastly, taking Cornell notes also improved my grades especially in math, because I could use the notes for reference for my homework.

Tutorial Request Forms (TRF)

I also learned how to make tutorial request forms (T.R.F.) which helped me better understand my point of confusion on a problem from a class. After finishing a tutorial, my grades for that specific unit always improve, and it always helps my get ready for a test on that unit. Lastly TRFs have thought me more things about something when other people in my group present their TRF.

Grade Trackers

Since the beginning of the year, I've always thought that grade trackers were useful. Last year, I had barely checked my grades on Skyward and I had to pay the consequences of not know what grade I've had. For instance last year I failed a paper, and my grade dropped and I was luckily enough to check on skyward to see that, and I was able to make it up. Now this year, because we do grade trackers I now check skyward daily which have helped me tremendously with seeing missing work, failing grades, and etc.


Another strategy that I'v learned from AVID was to use my planner as a reminder of homework that I need to do of finish. I also use my planner to write down upcoming things, like tests, projects, or events, so that I'll be ready for those type of things. Lastly, writing down my planner helps me prepare for the next day of school, and helps me remember what we learned the past days.

GPA Goals

In AVID this semester, I've learned I can't get straight A's by hoping that I would, I need to set goals to try to achieve it. My goals that I've created the last 6th weeks helped me reach to a 4.0, because I tried everyday to do my goals, and focus on school. Some of my goals to reach to a 4.0 like checking skyward more often, have been a habit, and I think this will help me in the future.

Learning Logs

I also learned how to fill out a learning log in AVID, and I think it's a great way to reflect on your learning from the week. Without learning logs, in the future when I need to see what I've learned, and how did I do it, I probably would difficult time with that. Learning logs also helped me improve my memory of what I've learned, because every time I fill one out, it helps me get the information that I'm writing into my head


Next semester in AVID, I would want to have a 4.0 GPA by continuing to use my AVID strategies. I would also want to improve on public speaking next semester, because I'm not very good t that yet. Lastly I would want to use and learn more strategies, because they have helped me a lot this semester.