Two Baby Pandas Were Born

The Red Pandas

Two Pandas Were Born In China

  1. It was July 17 and a momma panda was having two babies.the moms name was Tris. The panda was in the zoo, one was a girl and the other panda was a boy. The zoo keeper held one baby in her hands and named the panda Toby. The zoo keeper named the other baby panda Lola. The zoo keeper still has the Tris , Toby, and, Lola. Lola and Toby 2 years old now and live a happy life.
  2. Then when Toby was 4 he died they still don't know how he died. Then Tris died because she was walking around her pin in the zoo and a branch drop on her head and killed her. Lola was all alone in tell the zoo keeper put another red panda in the pin. Mandy, Mandy was 5 she was blind so could play with Lola. The zoo keeper would feed them lettuce, bamboo, and grass.
  3. Mandy's birthday was January 29 the date is January 20. Mandy could hear so when Lola would make a panda sound Mandy could hear her and she went to her. When Mandy was 9 and Lola was 8 the zoo keeper put them in the wild. The zoo keeper got to different red pandas that needed a home she toke care of them. When she put Mandy and Lola in the wild that day they found there way back to zoo and the zoo keeper found them wondering around the zoo and when she found them it was in the middle of the night the zoo keeper always was there at 11;00 she left at 11;30.
  4. She had to get them back in the cage and put them farther away from where she drop them off last time. After she drop them off she drove home. after that she never saw Mandy or Lola again.