Landon Haliburton


Hawaii is located in North America,i want to go here to see the volcanoes. I am going to take my brother and my sister with me. We are going to take a plane for travel then call in a boat when we get to the closest airport to Hawaii which is, Honolulu International Airport it will take

Interesting Facts

1. Hawaii was the 50th state to be admitted into the United States



We are going to stay in Prince hotel. I am going to bring my phone, hair brush, tooth brush, map, money for the trip, and water and supplies for the volcano hike


my Lodging cost $239 a night and I am staying for four nights so it cost $956. To travel there it is $3,339.00 for all three of us. The food is free inside the hotel, so we eat hotel food. My whole trip cost $4,295.00.