Chapter P Granbury

May 2021

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A Message From our Director

Hello Chapter P!!

Wow, there have been some great riding days lately, in between the storms! Hope all have been safe! We’re getting excited about the upcoming trip to Springfield for WingDing! Hope you’ll consider coming with us, we’ll be leaving Monday, June 28 and arrive back on July 4th, It’s going to be a great time so come on! We will be having our March meeting at Spring Creek Thursday, 5/13 at 7:00 pm, but come early and eat!

Since our last meeting, we were notified that OK was going to do an ARC training in Ponca City, OK on April 10. On 4/9, six of us (4 bikes) headed to OK for the training on 4/10. We had a great time, met some nice people and all got qualified for Level 3, 4 if they also had their current first aid. We will talk about this at our next meeting. Our new website is now active, at with the calendar, newsletter and everything! Yahoo!

Again, our thanks go out to Ann Graham for doing our newsletter! She does need input from us all, if you think of an interesting subject, please write it up and send it to her at Thanks to Jeff Graham for stepping up and taking the position of Treasurer, he’s doing a great job! Also thanks to Eddie & Christi for planning rides and Membership Enhancement! We have other positions to fill if you are interested, i.e. Assistant CD, webmaster, sunshine person. If you have some website experience, we really need help with this! Thanks to all for your participation!

We hope you are staying well and safe! Get out and ride!

Chapter P Director (Texas)

Gary & Becky Wheatley (May 2021)

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"Ridin In The Rain"

Christie and I just returned from the Texas District Ride-In which could of been called a "Float In", thus the reason for the subject of my article this month. We rode down Thursday and before we even got to Tolar the rain set in on us. We knew what we were getting into so before we even rolled out we had donned our Frogg Togg rain gear and a pair of water proof gloves. The rain persisted until about 30 miles this side of our destination, Kerrville Texas. Fortunately, we never had more than a light rain. I learned a long time ago when you get a big downpour and you're traveling on a motorcycle that you start looking for a place to safely sit it out. Knowing that this area had been having rain lately, I wasn't too worried about oil and other slick stuff left on the roads.

Once at our hotel, we managed to hang up our clothes and riding gear to let them start draining and drying for the next days ride. According to the forecast our best window of dry weather for Friday was up until 4pm. There were about 60 Wingers that showed up for this event, so that wasn't too bad of a turnout for such a rainy weekend. Friday morning started out with a light rain, so the ride was a little slower than usual, especially since we were riding the twisty roads along the Guadalupe River for quite a while. We really weren't in any hurry since we had to stay ever alert to the wildlife, standing water, gravel that had washed into the road from driveways and fallen rocks from the saturated stone cliffs. Luckily later that morning the weather cleared for the rest of our ride so the big sweepers on our route turned into a lot of fun.

After getting back to the hotel (before 4pm of course) we covered the bike with our "weather resistant" cover for the evening. I have got to find a "water proof" half cover to carry with me. There is definitely a difference between water resistant and water proof. The rain didn't hit until about 5pm and didn't stop until sometime Saturday night. We were fortunate to have a couple of friends that had chosen to not ride their Wing on the trip and had driven their pickup truck instead. It was easy to quit ribbing them about wimping out when they invited us to do some sight seeing in the dryness of their truck, so our Wing stayed covered for Saturday and it was a good thing since most of the day was filled with what I call gully washer after gully washer.

On Sunday Christie and I rose early to see off those that were headed on to a tour of Big Bend National Park. Sure wish we had been able to accompany those 18-20 bikes on that trip, but sometimes life and other responsibilities just get in the way. After a big breakfast Christie and I dried off the Wing, loaded it up and hit the road back north in a heavy fog. With a little luck on our side again, the fog soon lifted and the roads finally dried up so the rest of our ride home was much more pleasant than when we started. All in all it was a great weekend even with the rain. Hopefully more of you can join us for the next Ride In.

Ride Safe and Ride Often

Eddie & Christie

April's Rides of the Past

On the 3rd we had a chilly but fun ride to the Sonic in Whitney.

On the 9th-11th we had 6 of our Chapter travel to Ponca City, Oklahoma to take an ARC (Advanced Rider Course)

On the 29th-May 2nd we rode down to enjoy the fun but wet Texas District Ride In.

On the 8th we had our P&M Lunch Ride to Hard 8 in Stephenville. Chapter M rode with us for this. After lunch at Hard 8 we rode with our Chapter M friends to Godley for ice cream

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DFW Honda and have some FUN and try to win some MONEY.

Saturday, May 15th, 9:30am

2350 William D Tate Avenue

Grapevine, TX

We will leave from Texaco Station at the southwest edge of Cresson. KSU 9:30

Breakfast Ride to the Smokestack in Thurber.

Saturday, May 29th, 8am

The SmokeStack Restaurant, Mingus, TX, USA

Mingus, TX

KSU is at 8am from RaceTrac on South Morgan in Granbury.

Membership Application

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One and Done

Now that more and more vaccines are arriving daily in Texas, don't forget to sign up to receive yours as soon as you are eligible. With more people moving into the designated groups (like teachers), the state is making the process much easier. I got my first dose right at my school today. I won't say it was painless, but the process was quick and easy.