SUPER Weekly Agenda

February 15-19, 2016

2015-2016 Priorities

  • Balanced Literacy
  • PBIS
  • Movement with Purpose

Monthly Focus Areas

College Readiness:
  • K-5: Map of Indiana Colleges and their Majors
  • Middle School: Knowing yourself, what are your strengths and interests
  • College Word: Register: To sign up or enroll in a course or courses

Cultural Competency:

  • Black History - All classes should have evidence of participation in the study of black history. There was an e-mail sent regarding the convocation.

House of Values:

  • Kindness: Work to track random acts of kindness within your class

Data Priorities

  • February DIBELS Goals: Goals: K- PSF25+ NWF 20+, 1- DORF WC 29+ AC 81%, 2- DORF WC 76+ AC 96% RETELL 23+
  • Progress Monitor Red and Yellow Students in DIBELS. Kindergarten PSF Focus and Grades 1-2 DORF.
  • ISTEP Data Targets: ELA 60%, Math 54

  • IREAD Data Target: 84%

  • NWEA: Finish MOY Testing

  • SRI: Compare lexile and growth to Achieve 3000

  • Achieve 3000: Did you get 5 activities in during January?

Reminders and Celebrations

  • Happy Valentine's Day and President's Day! Enjoy the extra time off.
  • Thank you Mrs. Crandall for organizing our mentor social!
  • Thank you to the staff members who continually stay to help with home game ticket fees and concession!
  • Thank you Mrs. Gaines for being so responsive to classroom needs! You are really doing a great job!
  • Thank you Mrs. Cole for bringing in dessert today! It was tasty!
  • Thank you Mr. Stubbs for an awesome start in your position!


  • Please keep Mrs. Fisher and her family in your prayers. They have experienced a loss in their family.
  • Remember that the Black History Celebration is Friday. Please work with Ms. Hoppe and Ms. Moreau to ensure that you are ready for the event. Since we have several subs that day and Jump Rope for Heart will take place that day we are asking that you do not involve students in the audience by asking them to get up and move around as we have in the past. This will help with management of students.
  • Please remember that modeling for students is so important. I am noticing some staff not engaged in morning movement with students. This is an important way to build community and remind students of our school focus.
  • I have noticed some classes not following hall expectations. Please make sure you take time to address this. I am also noticing several students in the 4-6 hall out in the hall without teachers at doors. Any time students are in the hall teachers should be monitoring.
  • I am noticing several students still at lockers during morning announcements. If this is happening, please start having students clip down. Students should be expected to be in class on time.
  • Please remember that part of guided reading should be used for the ISTEP prep plan, but we should still continue normal guided reading groups.
  • Christy will have a sign-up for days off in May for parent conferences. Please stop in to select a day.
  • Please add the following to upcoming PLC: Update SMART goals in conference room and determine if first semester goals were met. Please document in PLC minutes if goals were met and why. Update all data in conference room. Update all student data sheets and send the updates to Ostler.
  • Please remember that anytime students are in the hall transitioning to groups, teachers must be at the door supervising. Lack of supervision leads to behavioral issues and loss of class time.

Engage New York Videos

Please remember that EVERYONE should now be using Engage New York. I am looking for evidence of this within lesson plans. Were you aware that there is a series of videos to support this instruction. Many of the videos focus on moving from concrete to pictorial, and then to abstract. Please click here to view the video library. Please work during PLC to review this link and determine if there are videos to help with your current math pacing. These are also less than 10 minutes each. If you plan ahead they can help with future PLC agendas and instructional planning.

Guided Reading - Strategy Focus

The strategy below can be used during a guided reading group. It was taken straight from this website. There is additional information about guided reading at this site. Just click here.

Brain Folder

This is an idea that I got from one of the classes I am taking this semester. We repeatedly discussed activating prior knowledge and asking students to open those" file folders" in their brains. I decided to actually do this, literally.

Before reading a nonfiction book in our guided reading groups I gave each student a manila file folder. I explained to students about activating prior knowledge and we discussed thinking about what we already know about a topic and why this was important. I told them every I time I asked them to get out their "brain folders" I wanted them to get out the folder I was giving them AND the one in their brains!

Everything we did with the book was put in this file. We created KWL charts and stapled them in the folders. On the back of the KWL charts we predicted what topics we would read about in the books (Example for the book on snakes- habitat, kinds, what they eat, etc) Students decorated the folders with pictures that related to the reading. On the other side students cut and pasted their vocabulary words for the unit. They sorted them in any way and then defined the words using a dictionary (or glossary of the book).

Why so Many Children Cannot sit Still in School Today

This article was shared with me from one of our parents. It is from the Washington Post. I am inserting one paragraph below that hit home with me. Please feel free to read the entire article. Let's use this as a reminder of our school philosophy, why it is so important, and what we do each day to encourage movement within our classrooms. How are you creatively infusing brain breaks? Do they include academic content? Are you always moving with your students? Do your students "own" movement? Some classrooms move without reservation because it has become such a part of their culture.

"Ironically, many children are walking around with an underdeveloped vestibular (balance) system today–due to restricted movement. In order to develop a strong balance system, children need to move their body in all directions, for hours at a time. Just like with exercising, they need to do this more than just once-a-week in order to reap the benefits. Therefore, having soccer practice once or twice a week is likely not enough movement for the child to develop a strong sensory system."

DIBELS/TRC Reminders and Insight

  • I have asked Cunningham and Wilner to focus on moving all students in PC, Pre-PC, and RB. We want all students out of these levels ASAP. Another principal shared a checklist with me that I will send your way to help with this initiative.
  • New TRC goal: Move each student a level every 2 weeks! It may sound difficult but let's aim high!
  • At our last principal's meeting it was shared that students who end at a composite of 203 and TRC level M in grade 2 are highly likely to pass IREAD. Let's look to see how many students we can have here by end of year.
  • Have you used the DIBELS Next Composite Score Worksheet to consider how the composite score is determined? This can be very informative to teachers and helpful with instruction. If you have not done so, please speak to Sharon for assistance.
  • Are you taking notes while students read during guided reading? Reading errors and patterns you see during daily reading are just as valuable as the formal data. This is another data point you can use for planning future lessons. Don't miss out on the opportunity to track reading within small groups. You might consider using sticker labels for notes or a chart kept on a clipboard. The chart could break down areas you are tracking as well.

Get Healthy!!

February is: American Heart Month and Dental Health Month

Morning Movement: Yoga Poses

Monthly Fit Focus: Healthy Hearts: Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in America. To avoid heart disease 60 minutes of activity is recommended daily as well as a heart healthy eating plan.

Activity Challenge: Read the GO, SLOW, WHOA stories out loud. As a group, do the following: Run in place for GO Foods. Walk for SLOW Foods. Freeze for WHOA Foods.

5 Star Family Challenge: Make Meal Time a Family Time