Leprechaun Trap

Wyatt Taylor

Trap Description

The trap that I have made is a simple way to trap these puny thieves. It is called, "The Leprechaun Trapper." The way it works is simple and easy to describe. All it is is a plastic straw painted green, with a hole poked about 1" from the top in it. Then attach a pulley that is about the size of a shirt button to the straw. The pulley will make it easier to pull the bait. Cut a coffee can in half. Then cut a hole in the coffee can that is .5"x .5" to put the straw through and the next to that hole cut another one the same size to put the nail through. After that paint it green. A small cage will work too. Get a string and tie a nail to one end of the string to use as a pin to hold the coffee can up. To set the trap all you have to do is put the straw in one hole and then the string and nail in the other hole. Then put the nail in the hole of the straw that should be inside the can to stop it from sliding to the ground. Finally stab it into the ground so there is about 2" of space between the ground and the edge of the can. As bait tie a piece of gold or rock painted gold to the other end of the string. When the leprechaun pulls the gold it will set off the pin making the can to fall right on top of it.


The little thieves will look like this.