Hop Along With Me!

Akshatha Manjunatha


He there I'm Hoppy the Happiest frog in the land of frogs. I might technicaly be "cold blooded" but I'm actually as warm and cuddly as a teddy bear. I have four legs so I can take you all the places you'd like to visit. Many outsiders might thing I'm a bit jumpy, but the jumpy frogs are the best frogs. Is something bugging you? Don't worry I'll eat all those things bugging you right away. I will never turn my eyes of you (LITERALLY I AM PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE) . I'm toadally cool and chill! Don't settle for those other slimy creatures, Hop right into my life and you won't turn away.

Hey all those KITTIES

Hey I'm looking for the coolest cat in the world. I want somone purrfect, who will hop along with me. I love me some cats with furr. Its so soft I want to sleep in it all day. Also those eyes SOO CUTE! I wanna cat with cattitude. If I find the purrfect cat I will never hop in the mud again (AND THAT'S SAYING SOMETHING). Also I'm into long tongues, if your a cat with a long tongue, you don't need to tell me to check meowt. SO run on down to they frog field where we can croak forever!
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